Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by The_Messiah, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Already done to death more than a month ago.......
  2. I luv it can't wait until Datona see's that clasic
  3. never saw that one mate, but it's worth posting it again cos the monkeys are arrse holes
  4. yawn!!!.... this is months old, already been done on another thread
  5. Yeah i know.... he'll probably call me "stupid" for posting it lol
  6. Yep, already been done and shed loads of RMP been on saying 'Oh yes, he was always dodgy, into porn that sort of thing, could see it coming etc etc etc'. Very good detecting skills: after the event!
  7. Haha classic RMP stuff that, they really are useless lol
  8. Me, I just hate monks, I thought they were just upmarket traffic cones for tanks
  9. Yeah me to, they think they are "special" but they are just co'cks. not even real soldiers, sack the lot of them
  10. As this is not in the Naafi, I'll risk it and assume this isn't a Wah.

    "Not even real solidiers"? perhaps you'd like to say that people like this:


    every regiment (or walk of life come to that) has wasters...probably best not to tar the whole lot with the same brush though.... :roll:
  11. The Force is weak with this one
  12. Please stop, this is priceless, coming from a clerk, my sides are splitting. :lol:
  13. Yet another chav tree root.

    Bitometer on.

    Not only stupid, but infantile, lazy, useless, inexperienced knob, need I go on. I bet your actually 12 and have never met a single member of the 'RMP's'. There is one born every minute of every day.

    Bitometer off.

    In fact having read your limited previous posts, I have to re-evaluate your mental age to 6.5 and I am feeling generous as its a Sunday. Utter dicksplash.
  14. What a gimp. :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.