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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Rickshaw., Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. Why is it that whenever the RMP are mentioned on the TV or radio they are universally referred to as Redcaps but as we all know they are universally called Monkey's by all serving or ex military personnel! and while I'm on me soapbox, what the hell are Jankers? I was in the army from 1976 to 1992 and I never once heard the word Jankers (or redcaps) unless it was on some cheesy TV show.
  2. I thought they were known as a bunch of useless cnuts!
  3. A nice even comment........................ Chip on both shoulders?
  4. Not really just pissed and wanted to say what I thought due to my experience with them.
  5. Jankers was old slang for ROPs.

    REDCAPS I'll take the 5th on that one.
  6. Why, do you have a bit of ‘form’? Do tell.
  7. Ah, Welsh to boot.
  8. What about "the glasshouse" often hear it mentioned in old films but never once heard the nick (MCTC or Guardroom) called the glasshouse, at least not from 1976 to 1992.
  9. Is that not from that masterpiece The Hill starring Sean Connery

    Off to EBAY to buy a copy :oops:
  10. The 'Glasshouse' was the Aldershot Military Correctional Prison (MCP) which was burnt down years ago during a riot
  11. Having being witness to a glassing back in 88 in Paderborn, having to go on an identity parade to see if I could identify the culprit, which I could not, finding out a week later the bloke who did it was not even part of the ID parade due to a **** up.

    Sitting in a med centre late one night recently, see a young lad come in beat to Fcuk two young RMP LCpls leaving see him, amazingly walk straight by without a word and this:

    ....from at least 100mtrs away, an RMP Lcpl step out into the road and stop me as I was proceeding in a southbound direction along PRB main drag in my automobile.

    Said policeman then proceeded to ask me for my bfg registration card which I produced in a timely manner, he then asked me for my fuel ration card........

    in reply to said request I raised my left eyebrow approximately 1cm and gave the policeman a look as if to say "you dumb f****r what is a bfg registration card" on receiving the said "Look" his young attractive female colleague corrected him on his mistake and smirked.

    My automobile is a left hand drive car with GERMAN number plates

    The Young attractive female Police person then asked me if my car had a GB sticker fitted to the rear of my car....................... The aforementioned eyebrow was raised again as German cars don't have GB stickers,

    but this time I pointed out the error of her ways and subsequently raised both eyebrows and smiled and drove off at approximately 60kph breaking the PRB speed limit laughing loudly at what a pair of Muppet's they were.
  12. Quite right, just found this...

    The Glasshouse - The Aldershot Military Detention Barracks

    Despite its pleasant sounding name, 'The Glasshouse' was one of the most imposing buildings in mid 19th century Aldershot - the military prison.

    Built in 1870 to house soldiers sentenced for military offences, the building derived its name from its large, glass lantern roof.

    The term 'Glasshouse' has since become synonymous with all military prison establishments but it has its origins in Aldershot.

    Military Prisons were first established in 1844 'to avoid the necessity of mixing soldiers sentenced for military offences with the ordinary criminals in county gaols.' During the second half of the 19th century there were never less than 500 soldiers confined in Military Prisons.
  13. Rumrunner I can gladly say I have only been on the wrong side of the RMP once, and I got a Stern telling off!

    Edited due to shit spelling as I am pissed. :lol:
  14. The name came from it's Glass roof. Pleasant place as the SUS spent thier days picking Hemp among other lovely training tasks! Luckly under the Garcia reforms 'Shot Drill' had been removed from the menu!
  15. I think ‘Monkey’ derives its name from the following:-


    I think this goes back to the 50’s? Certainly, in my time, it was always a request on Wireless For The Blind at Christmas for the local RMP unit.