Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mr.Bojangles, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im at Harrogate right now doing my phase 1, at the moment i've got the Royal Artillery capbadge because initially thats what I wanted to do, but Im getting more and more drawn to RMP for some reason, is it really as good as the job descriptions/videos would suggest, or is there a lot of pencil pushing?
  2. No mate, we don't use pencils anymore. We have really good IT support, computers and everything and, for those times when a computer is not to hand, we have pens
  3. ...unlike the civvie bill who want you to type it up, then write it up, in triplicate, have sh!te IT support, and only 2 computers between 22 blokes

    I went the other way (albeit from TA RMP to TA RA) and preferred the former.
  4. If there is an opportunity, why not try and arrange a visit/work placement to 150 Pro Coy based in Catterick Garrison. Best way to get it from the horses mouth, so to speak.

    Failing that and possibly a bit closer, there's an RMP SIB detachment based in York.
  5. And the SIB det at York is indicative of RMP life for a new recruit how, exactly?
  6. Have you seen the age of some of the new Probie Sgts???
  7. You could visit the Det in York but I doubt you'd get a reply as I believe it is mothballed at the minute.

    I agree with Northern Monkey though, you will not get an accurate impression of RMP life by visiting any SIB Det.
  8. You'll not get any impression of life whatsoever by visiting some SIB Det's.
  9. Pencils being pushed? 'Luck' and 'PULHEEMS' maybe, but not pencils.
  10. Mo mate, that's the scent of the OC SIB, it covers up the smell of wee.
  11. Can't be Ambrose then. He's not in the SIB anymore.
  12. Wasn't his the 'smell of fear'?
  13. Thanks for the replies, would I have any issues doing a capbadge change to RMP with

    Intermediate 2 English Grade B
    and NVQ Level 2 Maths?
  14. Should be okay with those. You need to get an interview with a RMP Officer, who will sponsor a capbadge change, which may mean the nearest Pro Coy, others have had to go to the Police School for an interview with the CO!! Have a chat with your instructors at Harrogatre as they will have the DS solution, failing that call (or get them to) the RSM at the Police school, 93835 4568, he will know the score.
  15. And be sure to call him 'Mate' or 'Chum'. He loves that and the job will be as good as yours.

    Good Luck