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  1. Hi, I'm new here, so please be gentle with me :)

    My son started his basic at Pirbright on 21st April and is loving every (well, almost every) minute of it.

    He intially applied and was accepted into the Military Police after his selection centre process. Three weeks before his start date, he got a phone call to say that the offer had been rescinded because he'd received a police caution a year ago when he got into a scrap. He was devasted at first then went ahead with his second choice (Royal Signals) Although he is more than happy with his second choice, the RMPs had been his goal for years. (I know, I know, but someone has to do it)..

    The thing is, three of the guys he's training with have similar cautions and another has actually been to court for ABH.

    I'd just like to know if anyone knows if there is a hard and fast rule about this.

    Please don't be mean to me :wink:
  2. We will try to be nice if you try to leave the 's' off the end of RMP.
  3. RMP and RS, dear me.

    Tell him to join a proper part of the army. :D
  4. Tell him to get his arrse into the RE or REME and learn a trade, he can't go wrong with that :D
  5. Going to court for ABH and being convicted of ABH are too different things.
  6. Of the three other guys how many of them are going RMP?
  7. It may be that his caution is a bit too recent. RMP aren't short of recruits and they can pick and choose. Tell him not to worry about it, crack on with the SIGNALS for a while, he might end up liking it. If in 3 years time he's still interested and he's kept his behaviour in check, then he may be in a better position and be able to transfer over. It would actually do him some good to spend a period of time with another capbadge before going RMP. You don't know enough about the other lads' circumstances to use them as a comparison I'm afraid. The best thing your lad can do now, is to get his nose to the grindstone and stay positive. He needs to ignore the 'stories' around him as they will only play on his mind and take his concentration off the job. Best of luck. He's still made a good choice of career.
  8. Oh dear, the main reason I joined was because I felt so sorry for you when you asked if mobiles etc would be allowed and if you would be isolated from 'the outside world' Wouldn't have liked my son to get the sarky/shit reaction you did. Looks like you've joined 'them'
  9. GULP!! :?
  10. Biscuits_AB - thank you, you are a star :D

    BTW - to the other poster (forget your name) I'm a 53 year old mother learner and don't know correct army lingo (i.e. RMP not RMPs)- it's sarky comments like yours that I expected looking through the forum, but hoped I wouldn't get.......
  11. Hi MS164 - all of them. It's not a problem though, just wondered...
  12. That could be taken as a nasty attitude, or if he had actually said that to your face, just a harmful bit of
  13. Hi foxy I am new too, sorry about your lads RMP refusal. I am ex RMP and civvy police, long retired from both.

    I do not know the current procedures but it does sound strange, as I do know that the civvy police accept recruits with certain criminal convictions.

    It may be worth appealing to the RMP, under th Data Protection Act your son can obtain most written documentation pertaining to him, I dont know if he would want to pursue it that far.

    There may be more to his rejection than you are aware off, sorry I cannot assist further.

  14. Mmmm,wasn't to my face though :D
  15. Hey foxy, sorry to hear that your son is going through a bit of red tape sh*t. (Oooh I feel naughty swearing in front of a mum :p ) As for the sarky comments, I'm sure they're only jesting.