I'm planning on re-applying for the Army in September (got knocked back for medical in 2006 and had to wait until 2008 to re-apply, fitness has slipped a bit since too).

I initially applied with the idea of doing AT, Int or RDG but looking back, RMP seems the most interesting. My only doubt is that every serving (and indeed former) soldier I know has a different insult they use to describe MPs.

What opinions do soldiers (preferrably an MP/someone with MP experience) have on the RMP? Is it worthwhile doing RMP over AT, Int or RDG? Long term, what are the career/commission prospects like?

Thanks for any help
Trigz said:
Oink Oink!


it depends on what you want out of life, if you don't mind being hated by everyone (like Trigz for example) but would rather lock up criminals, yet spend an inordinate amount of your time chasing paperwork/doing crap jobs, then RMP is for you. The prospects are very good if you push yourself, there are some interesting/rewarding jobs on offer, like SIB/CP/COT etc, but you will need to get some experience before thinking about them.

I've been in for 17 years now and am still enjoying it. You soon get used to putting up with tw@tish comments from under educated mongs, at the end of the day I'm not in the job to make friends with pondlife, but to put them away when they muck up.

Good luck
apologies for the offence but under-educated is a little bit presumptuous. it was merely a piece of light-hearted humour to kick-start the forum.

Godspeed whosethedaddy.

p.s. liking how you quoted a punchline from the "top boy" of the borstal as your username. nice touch.

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