Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gbrocks, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. want to try and get in to the rmp`s never been in before and i`m 31 should i bother or is it to big an ask
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Send in clear, over....
  3. Joining the Army as a whole is an 'Big ask', your age is against you, but you can apply up until your 33rd birthday.

    Just remember you will be in training with lads nearly half your age, and they will be fitter, better at getting over injuries, but they will still look up to you as a father figure.

    Maybe ask in the AGC/RMP section, as it's a bit more specialised.

    Oh, and get used to being called a monkey.
  4. First impressions reading your 'post' (if it can even be dignified by that name) are do not bother. Even RMP have standards and those would rule you out.
  5. you do get a stripe for every year you serve as a "monkey" though. :threaten: :shakefist: :threaten: :shakefist:
  6. What standards are those then?
  7. You seem academically suited to the Engineers. They'll take anyone.
  8. Sorry bottytodger. Spelling, punctuation will do for a start. Cannot even begin to write his reports unless he has such talents.
  9. And a crown for fitting up Sappers!
  10. To start with, try going on English grammer lessons. I'm not sure that anyone at a Court Martial would want to read your evidence out. Unless of course that the person reading it out is a Chav.

    I've seen 10 year olds with better grammer and English.

    BT. :shakefist:
  11. oooh!

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  12. Is that anything like grammar?
  13. gbrocks - I'll answer your query. Age is a factor, but depends on how fit you are. Talk to your local careers office, be prepared to be swayed to different regs. If you can keep up with the younger lads then I dont see the problem.

    I think you have till 33 to apply for the army, not positive on that, but thats another thing you can ask.

    Good Luck - Be sure with your decisions either way.
  14. Ah, you spotted the deliberate mistake - well done. :thumleft:

    BT. :thumright: