Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blackrose, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. I'm new here! So hi!!

    I'm going to be honest and apologies in advance if I get personal.

    I'm a 23 year female. ex TA engineer (volunteered discharge because I work shifts and can't make it in anymore), photographer graduate.

    Police is one of the careers I've always wanted to do. If I do it, I need to do it now.
    I'm very small (let's re phrase that to frail) and I'm not confident with close support, okay I take that back, I'm appalling at it.

    I want to go into investigations but I've discovered this comes in once you're a full corporal.

    I looked into RAFP but it takes longer to get into investigations and my boyfriend who I'm settling down with has just passed his phase two from Southwick and I've been told the only possible way to be together is at Cyprus in the Police Triservice base.

    I'm weighing up the pros and cons.

    My concerns are close support, being able to be with my boyfriend, getting into the field I want, and coming back to civi life after 12 years and not having work. Do civi bil really take on people when they're in they're late 30s?!!

    I've already gone into the careers offices and even talked to both army and raf police. It's just not enough answers for me because they're still serving and there were no females there to relate to me or advise me.
  2. Civpol recruit right up to old buggers, so don't worry so much with that. Thing is, not just with RMP but with any job in the Army, is what the careers office say, and what actually happens can be completely different things. Unless you are actually married to your partner, the chances are, the army won't help you to be with him at all! And I wouldn't count on it too much if you were married either...

    Oh yeah, if you want to investigate shit, join the Int Corps and get a job in CI.
  3. So the whole story of if we're married then they'll keep us together is bull? :|
  4. This thread can only end in pain.
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  5. Hi, and welcome to ARRSE. I am ex RAF Police, been out 18 years, but most things havnt changed that much, if I can help, I will.
  6. I sir, am going to be a gentleman for once, and see if I can help, without requesting the usual pictures in return, as for my fellow arrser's, yes your right it can only end in pain, NEWBEE, YOUNG, FEMALE, & RMP........... INCOMING
  7. Nothing much has changed in 18 years. Now that made me chuckle, but at least you didn't ask for dirty photos. Cue Smudge....
  8. Nothing is guaranteed, Glasgow (who deal with postings etc) work on some voodoo shit so you never know what may happen.
  9. Any pictures of your boyfriend?
  10. If you don't have anything useful to say then don't bother
  11. I had hoped it would end in helpful advice and insight instead of a joke

  12. Many but they're not for your eyes
  13. got any pics of your clunge ?
  14. Obviously you don't know what one looks like
  15. I've got to feel a little sorry for the OP who appears to be asking innocent questions, little realising the antagonism it raises in some quarters (see that cunning link with th SFA piece?) of Arrse. In fact the first few posts in reply were incredibly restrained, butI see we have now established a norm. @blackrose: honesty is a virtue (and rare in a copper!) but asking an ostensibly Sevice audience to comment upon your desires to live out a Service career that is shaped exclusively to pander to your domestic requirements is a little naive. Try again!