Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by MonkeyNutts, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Good evening everyone,

    I am currently in the process of joining the regular army, I’ve been through most of the process pretty quick due to being in the TA before. (Just one hic up at Glasgow with the med docs)

    I have my pre-selection on the 6th July at Robertson Barracks and hopefully my ADSC soon after.

    I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here in the process of joining the RMP, if so what stage are you at.

    Also are there many intakes at the defense college at phase 2 of the training and would this affect my phase 1 placement?

    Any replies will be appreciated.

    Best regards,

  2. Hello mate,

    Im also going RMP and I have just discharged myself from the TA so like you, the application process went through a bit easier. My start date is on the 13th September. As for intakes at phase 2 im not too sure, I think theres a post on here some where stating how many placements there are per course something like 24? but dont take my word. I dont think it will affect your phase 1 date its just a case of available placements, from what i can find on this site im the only RMP on my course theres a few going on the 6th of September. If you get your ADSC date through soon you might just make it on one of the last courses this year.

    hope all goes well.
  3. Hello there mate,

    Glad there’s someone else going for RMP. Not many about.

    It seems like you got your start date pretty quick well done for passing through the stages. How did the process go for you?

    Hopefully I'll have my ADSC in July or August and maybe get on an October start date. I'm not sure if there all full or not.

    Just another thing what unit was you with in the TA? I was 3 Royal Anglian over at Norwich and Lowestoft.

    Good luck with everything mate, Have fun.

  4. The process went through pretty quick, I originally chose Royal Artillary - UAV Op but because it's such a popular choice I was told I'll be waiting up to a year or longer so I changed my job and got a start date straight away. Hopefully the same will happen with you.

    I was part of 71 Signal Regt, 47 Sig Sqn in uxbridge.

    Good luck mate,

  5. I am ex TA and going RMP & Int. Amazing there are three of us!

    I have done my BARB and handed my med docs in, had a call today saying they are struggling with my med records from TA but hopefully that will get sorted.

    I did a 10 month FTRS including a tour of Iraq and in hindsight I should have stayed on or gone regular then. Live & learn eh!
  6. Just seen the thread. I am also TA, well discharged yesterday as I start Perbright in a few weeks, my first and second choice was RMP and Int, but I did a tour and decided that RMP life suited me best!

    I was previously Signals and will look forward to learning about RMP
  7. I had the same problem!!! In the end my recruiter emailed pirbright and they cleared me. Ask your recruiter to email because for some reason Glasgow takes a very long time or don’t send the docs at all.

    Let me know how it works out could be on the same pre ADSC or selection.

    Just need a few more and this will be magnificent seven.

    Well good luck to you all reply here when you know more.

  8. Yeah, good luck all. You never know one of us may be in the same Regt once phase 1 & 2 is over with.

    Anyone got an idea of which Regt you would like to join?

  9. I wouldnt mind 156 provost!! or the other one near london if not cant remember what regt that is.

    What about you guys?

  10. 3 RMP, 158 or 174 provost is where I would like to be posted but if I dont get posted to either its no biggy.

  11. I would rather get a UK posting over Germany. Is there a more detailed breakdown of the postings than on the RMP pages of army.mod? Aren't the London ones TA? To be honest I haven't thought about postings as I am more concerned with actually making it through ADSC and then getting a start date.

    How are you all getting on with phys? I am working hard at it, heaves are a struggle but bought a 'Iron-Gym' bar especially for this.
  12. 160 - aldershite
    158 - bulford
    150 - catterick
    174 - Donnington
    173 - NI
    Thats it for UK postings. Germany is better anyway.
  13. 156 at Colchester too. The only independant RMP unit, go there and you have the chance to do P Company and serve with 16 Air Assault brigade. A good posting if you are interested in the military side of things and there is also ample oppertunity to do police work too.
  14. Put all together like that it's enough to have you reaching for the paracetamol and a razor blade isn't it? :)