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  1. I have an ongoing application to join RMP, I sat and passed the BARB test which I have scored enough to join RMP. I passed a medical, and now have my second interview tomorrow. My fitness & selection will not be a problem i'm sure, I was a cadet for 5 years also. The reason for the post was is RMP looked at as being an interesting and enjoyable job in the ARMY? Which type of questions are asked in this INT 2? Cheers guys.
  2. Heya mate,

    The 2nd interview will be basically the same, only difference is it will be with someone higher in command, to basically verify all things the recruiter said is correct and to dig for more information if he feels he needs too :D

    He is there to see if you are suitable for the ADSC and also soldiering.

    Make sure you know your terms and conditions of service too as they ask about this.

    Hope it helped
  3. Is soldering a requirement in the RMP? Thought that was more a REME thing.
  4. Damn typo, thanks :D -- you know what i meant though lol.
  5. Is soldering not a thing in the RMP?
  6. you have to go through basic in every trade/corps/regiment weather its infantryman or chef and you will learn how to fight

    sorry about the spelling
  7. Everyone needs to do basic training, which will teach you the basic soldiering skills no matter what part of the army you are trying to go :D
  8. Really??? Where did you get that little gem from?! I think that most people will be unaware of that nugget of information. :D

    I'm only kidding, I realise that you're new to this and I'm not usually sarcy. Best of luck.
  10. Was only statin for the one that thought they didnt need to know the basic soldierin to be in the RMP lol, was tryin to put it a nice way instead of bein a bitch about it and makin him look/feel shit :p now you done it to me :(
  11. i hope you like the guys in your regiment ;)
  12. Whers the best place to find the terms and conditions of the Rmp.just seems to be basic enough information on the website or is this all the information that you need?
  13. Terms and conditions? Its not a phone contract. Your best bet is the Army website or a careers office, or asking a serving RMP on here if you have any questions.
  14. I have Rmp down as my first choice.apperently there is a very long waiting list so im considering changing it.Im still waiting to go to adsc and to see what i get for my grade is.