Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by otterlygreat, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. James Lattimer, Jim, wife Christa, claims to be ex RMP, met wife in Germany after she escaped from the old east germany, and got thrown out of army for marrying her, works as a truck driver now, used to live in Germany, he does not recognize any army tattos or sayings, and speaks fluent German, and is obsessed with German food and cars.

    Anyone care to vouch for him, approx age 65, if no one knows him, am outing him, as hes a pest
  2. And so are you. What a ludicrous post. Why don't you just get on with your own life and leave the bloke alone. Aged approximately 65? Leave him alone for f*cks sakes, he's a pensioner. Even if he is making it all up, what harm is he doing?

    You whined on another thread that you were upset about being sworn at, yet you seek to torment an old age pensioner?
  3. How the fuck has this urchin made it to 100 posts without being axed?
  4. you really are quite an odd individual to put it very mildly.

    since you joined the site a mere 3 days ago you have managed to annoy a great number of regular contributers .

    your 98th post is supposedly "outing" some former serviceman who you have decided in your vast experience of the military cant have served because he doesnt recognise someones bloody tattoo's? have you made a study of mens tattoo's?

    98 posts in 3 days is very good going as in the 4 years i have been here i have less than 500.

    this is mainly because, unlike you sir, i think before i press the submit button.

    i think the time is fast approaching.

    his "style" or lack of it is very familiar. i think hes already worn the title "oxygen thief" under a different name
  5. Yes I do have a vast military experience, most military recognise the Parachut Regiment tattoo, hes not a pensioner, he works and claims a pension from Germany, he made no mention of army pension, I suspect Stasi agent here, or walt, or both, or a combination of both.

    AM claiming walt hall of fame, and a quick arrest by the police, and he has a dog that only responds to German commands, suspect rabies, as it was smuggled into the county, along with god knows what, this man is a danger to our way of life, more psots to follow, I suspect soviet incursion all over the area, sleeper agents everywhere, thats why the ruskies had detailed plans of the local area
  6. Lesbian giraffes prefer rolo's.
  7. maybe i'm being pedantic, but haven't you just contradicted yourself in the same sentence?

    therefore is he not a pensioner?
  8. Leave me alone you bullys, or are you Jim Lattimers friends??
  9. Yeah I know him. He says you're a cunt
  10. i have no more interest in feeding this idiots ego any further and will avoid reading any of his bullshitt in any future threads. as far as i am concerned hes already earned the title even if its not been awarded yet of OXYGEN THIEF
  11. Good, well considering he is away driving, leaving his 70 year old mrs at home, that was daft thing to say, his dog wont make it for the walk in the morning tell him, little ollie has seen his last dawn, oh yeah what rank did he acheive, and what car doe he drive then, if not you sir are a Jim Lattimer Walt
  12. Is it too soon to call Wah?
  13. Too late, if anything. I would even venture as far as to suggest that the actual ARRSE Member who created Otterly should get an O2 tag for the most persistantly dull wah ever.
  14. Do one you tedious cunt. You spell and pose grammar like my Son (he's Six)

    However, he is funny, much loved and popular. I imagine you are his negative.

    If this is a wah.. It's a Loggie wah. Throbber
  15. Is this separate from your 'RLI Walt' post in the SA forum? A bit of concurrent activity, perhaps?

    Or simply mental illness?