RMP- yah start as a lance corporal

Ok I get that part, Im thinking of joining RMP next year, I just wanted to know what level I will be starting at when I complete phase 2 training?? I know Ill be lance corporal but will I be on level 5???!!!! 8O
Don't worry about what level you will be on. Just accept the fact that you will be regarded as a 'crow'. However, if you don't fcuk up you might rise to the giddy heights of Senior LCpl in the block!

Good Luck

why would you want to join the SPS missmoneypenny, havnt they been replaced by a computer??

Megandavisbutler, seeing that LCpl starts on level 5 and as our esteemed colleague berlin has pointed out, you will be the crowiest of crows when you finish, ie junior LCpl, im going to say that you will be on level 5!! :!: :D