Rmp working hours, shifts and days off.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by leelemon, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm trying to get a picture of what to join.
    I am starting a Law degree with the OU in February but I'm thinking of joining the RMP maybe instead or maybe alongside the degree.

    Would just like some info on the shift patterns and working hours of the RMP and also the days off and how that all works.
    I'm guessing you work 12 hour shifts for 2 weeks and then get some time off?
    Couldn't find the information anywhere so I came here.

    Also do you think I could do a Law degree at the same time or is there not alot of 'free' time?

    Thank you in advance for your time to read and help me.
  2. Go with the degree..........RMP shift work is life sapping ......simple. Others will try and fill your head with shit......dont let them. The RMP was a good thing.....now....not so good. your choice, ....you dont need a forum of saddos to make up your mind.

    Read these forums and you will soon see this is not info to be read as fact....its shit opinions from people that "didnt quite make the meeting". Its not an official military site, so you can say what you like......however...there are those here that will try and catch you out.....friends of mine have warned me of this. Be careful.
  3. Gipsy, considering you have joined recently and have been really warned about the saddos on here then what the hell are you doing here, you have lasted this long why join now?

    Or is this the only place that you can vent your built up frustrations at 'not making the meeting' as you say.

    The RMP was indeed a good thing and I beleive still is, but then again I have made a success of my time and do not feel bitter or full of resent to the Corps that has given me such good times. If this is the best advice you can give somebody then don't bother and if you don't like the saddos filling you full of shit then don't come on here, then you would not have to watch your back and you could spend that time attempting to earn your second stripe.
  4. sorry if this came over the wrong way, i am on here because i was interested in what someone had to say about the RMP getting a hard time on a "reputable" site. I agree im new to this but we all have to start somewhere, or is this a specialist club? I would agree i was initially a bit harsh in my synopsis of the site, but i have to be honest.....its very opinionated, and not always correct.

    If i were the young man in question in this thread, i would honestly go for a law degree and become a lawyer. Although i agree the RMP does have its VERY good points, in today's climate (Afghanistan), if i were him, id go for the law degree. The RMP is a very sound employment, however, if looking on here for advice is an option, i would steer him clear. Ive seen some very nasty posts from soldiers to RMP, and indeed RMP to RMP, not really a good advert for future employment??

    apologies if this came over a little abrasive.
  5. Its fine to look for advice up to a certain extent as I have, I have received some good infomation and some, not so good. Its an unoffical website so anyone can say anything, just dont take all the infomation seriously and remember everyone has a different opinion on things. Its a forum people will bullshit.
  6. In my experiance the shift hours are long, you get called in for minor questions, casefile confrences but fcuk me the mess life is amazing and the banter is good.

    You only get what you put into it, the problem these days are the new Lance Jacks (and a few screws) locking themselves in their rooms with their xbox/PS whatever!
  7. LOL, you cant beat getting called in on your days off to explain wht the font in the template you have uses is the wrong one. Have to agree.....the banter is good, if you have a good crowd.

    As far as the xbox thing goes, this is an Army wide problem, bring back 8 man rooms where i found it to be a more social way of living. Hiding away in the "Z" type accomodation has ruined the Army. The Royal Anglians still have the old style 10 man rooms in Pirbright. I was down there last week, and i can tell you it brought back some memories. Brilliant. Chichester was good for it as well, but there was slightly more bullshit there..lol