RMP with experience in Afghanistan and Iraq

Any SIB RMP lads on here with experience investigating deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan? I’m researching the practicalities of investigating deaths in theatre and wanted to get some first hand accounts of the challenges. It seems to me from the cases I’ve looked at that there were some unrealistic expectations on RMP to carry out their jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan. I get the impression that RMP were spread pretty thin on the ground and tied up with a huge range of other duties.

If you have the time I’d be really interested to hear about your experiences, I’m interested to know things like what facilities were available to carry out investigations? I know pathologists were a serious problem in Iraq, could you get access to pathologists?

Were there any facilities for forensic exams?

Interpreters when interviewing witnesses or suspects?

Work loads – did you have enough time to do your job properly?

Did you have relative independence or were you relying on other units for different things?

Were there cultural problems that made your life more difficult? E.g. burial customs in Iraq?

Have there been any major changes in the past few years to make things better/ give you more resources?

Any help greatly appreciated, cheers lads.
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