RMP - What really f**ks you off

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by needforspeed, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. come on the gloves are off chattem house rules
  2. I have been in RMP for 19 years and seen so many changes. Some for the greater good some well who knows i thought that this would put the cat amongst the pigeons. :twisted:
  3. The fact that they exist??
  4. the fact that they have blue lights on there cars and are not allowed to use them.
    unless they have done a blue light course.
    but they still do. why do they? are above the law no they are not.
  5. The Crime is getting caught me old mucker :wink:

    On a more serious note, if you were having the shite kicked out of you by 6 members of the infrantry, you'd be greatful someone drove to your aid....with blue lights on.
  6. Moaning corps members, if you dont like it; fcuk off to another one
  7. not by the RMP i would not.
  8. They all say that, just wait untill your in a German cell, never seen someone look so happy to see the RMP!
  9. cant wait.

  10. Or Rauls rose garden in Belize, when 3members of 2 Para were kickinf the shit out of a poor AAC guy, the AAC guy was very happy to see the whole of the RMP Det including the CSM, who were returning froma job in downtown Belize.
  11. Yeah, how many times do you hear the Unit hardman 'Oh, i fucking hate monkeys, i do, don't want nothing to do with them, they're all bastards, etc etc etc'

    The week passes into weekend, said hard man finds himself drunk and bleeding in a German Police cell sleeping off a hangover and a baton induced headache and suddenly when we tip up you'd think we're his f**king best mates.

    And on a serious note, the GPD guys are banned from using blues and twos, but if it was your missus frighten and alone in the house with some perv kicking around your back garden you'd soon kick off if they took their time getting there. Think about it, if the lads want to drive like tw*ts they'll f**k off up the range roads and play colin Mcrae like everyone else. When the blues come on it's for YOUR benefit and some guys put the safety of our 'clients' before some ridiculous policy note. They take the risk because they couldn't live with themselves if they knowingly dragged their feet and something terrible happened.

    I for one think they SHOULD stop doing it. A few serious incidents tardily attended by them following the letter of policy and the Corps might start loading people on badly needed response drivers courses.
  12. fcuk me, paras fighting.......never.

    WRAP you seem to be someone who always mouth off and hates the RMP ........untill their bicycle gets pinched.

    Feck off back to the RLC boards....
  13. Oh well, if its open season ... not being allowed to wear a stable belt with my CS95!

  14. why would i want the rmp if their bike gets nicked.
  15. I hate the fact that we left Chichester to go to Southwick Park, the beginning of the end to me.
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