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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Provost_Marshal, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Any serving or ex Corps help me out here, I'm trying to find D**n Cl**ke (ex serving GPD Sgt), who runs an unofficial Corps website. I was a member of his site for a while, but haven't visited it for ages. I can't even remember what his site was called and even if I did, I've long forgotten my log in details.

    If anyone is in touch with him, could they direct him here. Even better, if you have an e mail address for him could you PM me.


    PM (A)
  2. PM,

    Check your in box.

    Rumrunner :wink:
  3. Danke Schon!

    PM (A)
  4. Doh! I thought this was going to take us into the wonderworld of RMP Websites. Starting with the abortion that is the official version.
  5. There's a few good ones, but one or two are just dogshit. I didn't realise that the RMP Chat Club (who named that FFS?) was still alive. That was ran by an irritating small bald SIB Sgt with a chip on each shoulder, from Aldershot, I recall. Suppose it was him that named it. He was a bit wet. He left the Army a couple of years back so I assume that someone else is running it now?

    I have noticed that you have to provide 2 referees for some of them. Taking it all a bit too seriously I think. Recognised a few names on that 'Consultants' thing, however,....there's one bloke on there who couldn't investigate a bad smell. Fell about laughing when I saw that he was calling himself a 'consultant' What in? Arrsekissing? He was very good at that.

    The historical ones like Redcap70s are good. Spent over an hour on that last night....10 minutes of which denying that those ears were mine.

    Your right about the official one though. Isn't that good considering the potential finance available to it.

    PM (A)
  6. If your looking to track down Ex Corps guys look up stations on police reunited! there are lots of good characters in the RMP ones good luck
  7. Seeing as its New Years Eve, gizza a laugh PM (A) What pic, what squad and where are you in the line up? :wink:
  8. PM[A] , RMP Chat was started by a bloke living in Finland about 5 years ago his name is P**** A****T. He was "removed" about 3 years ago.
    The Redcap70 site is superb, and a brilliant reference tool. The creator is to be congratulated. He served as a National Serviceman 53 years ago - Good on yer Ian!.
  9. [/quote]
    The Redcap70 site is superb, and a brilliant reference tool. The creator is to be congratulated. He served as a National Serviceman 53 years ago - Good on yer Ian!.[/quote]

    Went on this site and found it to be very good, well surprised to find my goodself on. Furnished Ian with a copy of my squad photo for the site. Looking at the photo I can't believe how cruel old father time has been to me!! I least I had my own sky dishes on the side of my head before sky was on the scene. Those bloody ears were difficult to keep warm during a Hampshire winter at Aldershot!! 8O
  10. Ian's site is fantastic and kept religiously updated, bless him!!Used by many, great bloke, thank you Ian :wink: xx

    The Official started off pants and has got progressively worse unfortunately AND they had some unyielding bulldog running it last year - uh huh had a run in - Im sure they read here - so Hello and no I haven't forgotten what I said!! :roll: tossers!
  11. You gonna share yours Rumrunner :? Want me to dig out a couple of you for you!! :wink:
  12. Very funny!! you should be on the stage :D
  13. :roll: flipsake don't encourage him!! His ego is massive enough as it is...
  14. It's more pity than encouragement!! 8)