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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ozne, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Yes me again, sorry must be getting naffed of me by now.

    To any RMP or ex-RMP when would you need to use your warrant card and put it into use? If you ever need to anyway. Any purposes of it?

  2. When NOT in uniform conducting Police Duties an RMP must present their warrant card (ie when effecting a search warrant in NON uniform) Very rare.

    Warrant card should be carried at all times whilst on Police duties however does not need presenting when in uniform.

    An RMP is granted a 'warrant' to arrest any person subject to military law hence the need for a document to be held to such effect.
  3. They used them to get in to the some of the bars and clubs of Osnatraz.
  4. Scatz springs to mind
  5. As above, but...

    ...also very true and applies to lots of different establishments based near RMP units.
  6. don't you have to present it if requested?
  7. Only in certain circumstances its at their discression like entering someones house for routine work etc. Not when a pissed up squaddie on a friday night thinks they know the law and insists you must show them it. Not the case.
  8. Can you explain this more please? Get into bars and clubs lol, Sounds extermely cheeky using your warrant card for that!
  9. Even further thread drift, a mate of mine who was working in an off-license while down on his luck a wee while, and having recently been incensed by one of his co-workers getting entrapped by a 17-year-old on a sting operation, had a Lancashire Constabulary warrant card presented as ID when he challenge-21'd a youthful looking individual. Whereupon he refused to make the sale because said warrant card didn't have his date of birth on it. "I'm sorry, sir, your colleagues were most insistent on this point." In front of a queue of other shoppers.

    So: things you can't use a warrant card for: buying alcohol from UK off-licenses.
  10. I understand on good authority that they were quite good at one time for getting around "The Smoke" on buses and tubes
  11. They can arrest anyone they believe to be subject to service law. So if it turns out they are civvie its no big deal. They are frequently called by the civil police to attend incidents that have nothing to do with the military where they can use powers similar to the civilian arrest right.
  12. Fixed that for you :)
  13. In the MET a few years ago there was an official agreement between the transport companies and the MET. It was implied that if you did use these services after flashing your "Blue Rover" (when off duty) you were liable to help out if crime was being committed.

    I am pretty sure that this is the case still.

    I was a Thames Valley cop, and our CC refused point blank to even discuss this matter with the transport companies.

    There were no official agreements for entry into Night Clubs or for free Kebabs either.

    But there were ways around these minor problems...
  14. Certainly is.
  15. I use mine to scrape the ice off my windscreen during the freezing months!!