Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by F9_Commit, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations to the good lads who have come off the WO2 reserve board this last week. Just seen the draft posting plot and it amazes me that MCM Div still persist in posting untrained personnel into specialised roles and then post suitably qualified personnel to other jobs. With the implementation of BOWMAN you would think that it would be a priority to post in a highly motivated and well trained individual as RSWO. Good luck to 5 RMP as you are going to need it!!!!!
  2. Having had eyes on said document and seen who is replacing my good self within 5, may I be the first to say Ha Ha.
  3. Don't you know the new practice is 'instant flag-man, just add LSN/PID'? Hey presto - an RSWO!

    Who needs a plethora of qualifications and years of experience to be able to advise the CO? Unfortunately, new CO 5 may just expect similar service to that delivered to him in 1!

    I watch with interest..........................................................
  4. Seems to be a bit handbags at dawn without knowing who you are even talking about.

    Should this not read 'RMP WO2 DAFT POSTING PLOT' if it has eminated from MCM Div?
  5. Without breaching Persec who is going to do the BSM job in 5, now that the present incumbent is going to 3? Is it another one of those 'instant flag' people that MCM Div seem to have rather a lot of at the moment? You can just picture it in the office - RSWO: "Right BSM, what's this BOWMAN stuff all about then?" BSM: Fcuked if I know Sir, it's all gobbleajook to me, I haven't done comms since Depot and that was 15 years ago! RSWO: "Bugger, we'd better ring 1 or 4 before their proper flag wavers move on to pastures new!"

    When are they going to realise that you just don't send RSWOs/BSMs on a course and that's it, it is progressive courses over a long period of time? Why can't we do it the way the rest of the Army do it, and let people with an aptitude for it specialise without the justifiably perceived risk of career fouling?

    You couldn't make it up could you. Roll on my 22!


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  6. That was quite funny for you mate!

    Check your PMs.
  7. As a certified sad arrse; I have spent my career (even pre BOWMAN) trying to get on a B3 signals course with a view to specialising further down the road. I'm now further down that road without so much as a sniff at such a course and have a degree of sympathy for the new RSWO at 5. In a Corps of specialists he is particularly 'special' and it would be easy to watch him fall on his pompous arrse, however he is not one of the bluffing free loaders taking acting rank and a specialist slot while untrained(you know who I mean). He is a fully trained and promoted WO2 who is filling this slot, because he was at least the 3rd choice after wiser (though no better trained) WO2s said "no thanks"! I can imagine his delight at finding out. "What I'm posted from the sunshine to a job doing something that nobody else wants to do and will take about 5 years to learn, even though I've only got 2 years left and all my staff are leaving to be replaced by fellow shaven chimps; great that's the job for me, where do I sign for VEng". If the great and good keep treating these roles as any other slot then they will fail in every aspect of modern operations. Lets start investing in our people and prepare them for what we want them to do in 3- 5 years (not months) time. I know the flags teams at 1, 3 and 4 will help out because we are a can do organisation, but relying on the charity of strangers only gets you so far.
  8. Why has this bucket, bailing for the use of, got a hole in it?

    Why has the boat got a hole below the waterline?

    I want my mum.

    And then I was posted from Glasvegas........
  9. .................'Viva GlasVegas'!

    Where've you been heed? Thought you'd have been all over this one!
  10. So it's not just SPS then!!

  11. Like the idea of 'instant soldiers', maybe MCM Div need to read the packaging more carefully as there seems to be a surplus of 'instant *********' in the Corps at present (5 stand by).

    Does it really matter that someone who gets a job is qualified, Bowman isn't key hole surgery! Would the MoD buy a system that is inflexible, full of complex menu options and limits how we do our bussiness............Doh!

    See the point that it would be nice to have the qualifactions but what is the answer - promote qualified individuals who are no where near ready for promotion or place unqualified promotable individuals in a job and see what happens. RMP has a lack of G6 Gurus and most of them are empolyed in the Bowman jobs at the moment, anyone who knows better?
  12. Signallers, Promotion Boards and the guy responsible for the posting plot were all a bore in my day and from all your comments, don't seem to have changed much!

    Is Bowman as bad as claimed or was that just made up by the Daily Telegraph, a parlimentary select committee and the Director of Infantry?
  13. Disagree, the post at 5 could have been taken by the person who was preselected whilst holding acting rank in a RSWO post (at 3) only to be moved to become a desk jockey at Upavon?

    There ARE the trained bods, just a lack of common sense from MCM in putting those bods in the most suited jobs, thus making a non trained bloke go to a post to do a job that he has no knowledge of, still doesn't matter it is only sigs, probably one of the most important departments an operational unit has. Lucky 5 aren't operational eh? Oh Fcuk they are!!!!
  14. Not wanting to butt in, but I am sure that RCA mentioned the minor word of 'qualified'. That individual masquerading as a RSWO had a fully qualified 'Guru' pulling the strings while she pulled the .................... .

    Do not agree with what has been done so lets are sit back and watch what happens.
  15. I've got a great idea. Lets keep all of the trained people in their current jobs until the day they die or leave the Army. Sorted, that'll work.


    Maybe we should promote people who are qualified in a particular field no matter how crap a SNCO or WO they would make. Sorted, that'll work too.


    We could hold an annual promotion board, promote those who are considered to be suitable for promotion and, if need be, train them to carry out specialist roles whilst being supported by those with experience in that particular field. Never, who ever heared of such an idea?

    Why is it that after every promotion board the same old people on here whinge about the results, in particular when it comes to specialist roles? Get a life or, at least try to get promoted yourselves so you can stop whinging.........