Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ad4m, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Alright lads and lasses, I'm well aware I'm about to get a lot of stick for asking this question:
    I'd be obliged if any RMP/RAFP would be able to give serious opinions over which I'd be best suited to.
    I'm currently civ plod and want a change, I've heard that RAFP is more security than military policing? I obviously don't know if this is right so if someone would be so kind...

  2. Military Policing or Barrier Up, Barrier Down

    There I said it, just to save someone else from the bother of typing it!
  3. RAFP go hand in hand with RAF Regt a bunch of wannabes who insisted on wearing the Red MP flash after many years of only having the 'Mars Bar' to donate security/police role. Having been stationed at their HQ endless talk of underwater knife fighting courses and stab jackets to attend NAAFI bop night fights I would try the RMPs who appear to be more police focused. In any case Army use armed civvies to man the guardroom.
  4. The RAFP concentrate on keys and locks whilst the Army leaves that sort of thing to the Int Corps. RMP concentrate on errm.... stitching squaddies up? Dunno, really, as I must have been lucky not to have encountered them too much (except during the Cyprus spy case where the SIB would have put any other organisation to shame in terms of incompetence).

    I'll edit that to say the redcaps used to do a pretty good job in NI after an incident, clearing areas, setting up road blocks and manning incident rooms etc. Fair play.
  5. Two career choices in the RAFP. Clockwise or anti-clockwise.

    The old ones are the best...
  6. RAFP are a bunch of witless mongs who cut around with all the authority of a Girl Guide troop.

    RMP are a bunch of halfwit mongs who cut around with all the authority of a Boy Scout Troop.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Well my minds made up then...
  8. If you are Civplod, why in the hell would you want to join either ? It's no different to a copper saying he wants to join G4S for "a bit of a change ".
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  9. So do the crabs. RAFP just spend their time mincing around with speed guns enforcing camp speed limits these days.
  10. RAFP or RMP ? you say you want a change ...joining either one will just make you more disliked than you are now.

    The military has many choices/options of Jobs and careers why would you choose the military equivalent of Saville or Glitter ?

    Do something different and enjoy ....
  11. If you want to be disliked so badly join the Navy. I'll get me coat...