RMP Video during OP Sinbad

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. western

    western Crow

  2. needforspeed

    needforspeed Old-Salt

    Which telic
  3. It still seems that some may be surprised that there are parts of the Army where NCOs are capable of using polysyllabic words. Some NCOs even have better Degrees than their Orrofices!!
  4. western

    western Crow

    Trouble with RMP is that it attracts some of the best to walk through the ACIO door and the level of intellect within the Cpls mess can be quite stunning.

    Sadly few of quality remain to become SNCOs and are usually swamped by the wasters who monopolise the promotion structure resulting in inevitable results at the WO level. The Officers are equally shocking and this is probably the cause of quality Corporals, junior Sgts and young Officers seeking their fortunes elsewhere.

    Back to the point she was also quite attractive, now that is a turn up for the books!
  5. WOIII

    WOIII Old-Salt

    I think she's from 160........she'd get it though!!
  6. western

    western Crow

    That's what 'quite attractive' means. But not necessarily a condition for getting it though.
  7. Daxx

    Daxx LE

    Nothing like a balanced quote, and that's nothing like it...
  8. western

    western Crow

    Was that a crap attempt at a smart arsed comment?
  9. Daxx

    Daxx LE

  10. Touched a nerve with this one maybe Western? :wink:
  11. western

    western Crow

    What his?
  12. Yeah, rupert maybe? Or WO?
  13. western

    western Crow

    He has stated previously that he is an Officer and as the Marines put it he appears a bit Corps Fcuked. By hey ho we are all entitled to our point of view, medication helps though.
  14. Feck me, who stole the sense of humour and who decided only certain people can have opinions - I'll not wait out for the smart arrsed reply.