Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Vegetius, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Despite not really wanting to do RMP TA (as mentioned in various threads...mainly because of the "Busman's Holiday" aspect of it) we had some stuff come through at work which suggests that CIVPOL are very welcome at the moment.

    Given my age, it's getting to the point where if I did want to have one last stab (da da!) at the TA it might be my only way in given my civilian experience and I've done the infantry/ tabbing/ digging holes thing when I was an appropriate age for it.

    So, who has experience of the RMP TA? How many are civilian coppers, and are people with predominantly CID experience welcome too? I know I could phone up but that's what ARRSE is for first, right?

    The Met isn't a bad employer for TA people, but my department isn't too keen (tough, if I fancy it enough I'll find another one). It's boiling down to either this or a return to the Int Corps. Or, of course, not bothering at all.

  2. See PM
  3. I did'nt know police were allowed to serve with TA units, even RMP.
    Of course, as a serving copper, I'd imagine you'd be exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Come off it. If you have any police skills at all I'd be surprized if the Monkeys would be interested. I mean, they'd have to find a way to beat a whole new philosophy in to you so you could ignore blindingly obvious evidence, pin things on the first suspect available even if he was out of the country at the time and ensure that your only line of enquiry involves telling everyone interviewed, even witnesses, that "we've got the evidence that you did it so you might as well own up".

    If you can't conform to their high standards, you might as well not bother. :roll:
  5. What do you want to that for.........bit like the speshuls isn't it?
  6. I know 2 people who are fulltime coppers who are also TA RMP . Didn't think it was a problem?
  7. 4 TA RMP Coys in the Orbat; 253 in London (SW2), 116 in West Bromwich, 252 in Stockton on Tees, 243 in Livingston. All currently at establishment of 72 all ranks. FAS TA likely to increase the estblishment with the opening of dets elswhere but number of Coys will stay the same.

    2 TA Coy combined with a Regular Coy and a mixed TA/Regular RHQ make a Regt - 2 Composite Regiments 4 RMP based in Aldershot and 5 RMP in Edinburgh. Both deployed - with around 45 mobilised TA - on the first 2 Op Telics.

    Number of civpol in each unit varies from 15% to around 30%.

    Civpol welcome (until around 1990 if you were a copper and wanted to be in the TA it HAD to be RMP) so long as they approach it with an open mind - prcedures are different, not very different but different enough. But I have also served with a fishmonger, trapeeze artist, maths professor, fish farmer, locksmith, undertaker and I could go on.

    Different civpol forces have different policies; Met runs a roster as it is only allowed a small percentage of its establishment to be in the TA; used to be quite a long wait to see your name go up the roster (3 or 4 years) but I believe it's not too bad at the moment.

    ALSO 83 Sect SIB (V), takes CID experienced civpol only - now that would be a busman's holiday !!!

    PM mw if you need to know anthing else. :lol:
  8. Quite a few think that, not sure if it wasn't allowed years ago or what but there is a few full time coppers floating about in KCR, so busies must be allowed in...:lol:

    My grandad was under the impression Police couldn't serve in the TA too....

  9. Hmmm a Trapeeze artist..this wouldn't be a fair few years ago would it?

  10. Hmmm a Trapeeze artist..this wouldn't be a fair few years ago would it?
  11. Veg,

    I used to be in the TA RMP before I joined the regs. Had an great time which is why I joined the regs for 13 years. If you join then you will be doing mostly Ops and very little police work so the busmans holiday aspect won't come into it. There is also a SIB TA unit 84 Sect SIB (V) who take civi bill. You don't need to be CID as they also take on uniformed officers. There used to be a specialised RMP TA unit in London, which as far as I remember was made totally of people from the job. This was 20 years ago though so it may well not exist anymore. One of our lads is trying to join the Int, apparently the Met has put a block on the number of officers that can be in the TA so there is a dead mans shoes list which you have to join before they authorise you joining up. The RMP TA HQ used to be in Chichester. I am sure the MOD site will take you to their contact details.
  12. Few years ago yes
  13. 1 83 Section SIB (V)

    2 Think you'll find they do need to be CID

    3 Not in the last 40 years there wasn't

    4 No block - just the roster referred to in my original post

    5 TA element left Chichester for Worthy Down about 10 years ago - maybe 12; regular element marched out of Chichester 2 weeks ago for the last time

    Apart from that pretty good really.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Met have a set number (proportion?) that can join the Reserve forces, and if that's reached, you have to wait.

    We have two Coppers in our Company, one an armed chappie, wanders round an airport, leching at women all day, the other Met CID. I know of several others in the TA in our area.

    Both ours were mobilised for Telic 2, no worries, both OK for whatever happens next year :)

    So, you don't have to join the RMP(V). Why be abused by amateurs at weekends, when you do it for a living all week? Come and do something more interesting!
  15. Was On Telic 2 with a number of TA, all very good (far better trained in the war role than the regulars) bonus was a SO19 bloke who had no qualms about the use of force and demonstrated his skills on more than one occasion.
    Always better to have someone that can, than someone who might .