Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by matt247, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering how these two roles compare now?
    Any comments
    Will there be a merger between them and a defence service police ?
  2. Wah. Nice try.
  3. Gate up Gate down = RAFP

    Ones Army the other is RAF

    Not bloody likely
  4. Just off on a tangent, do the RAF Police now wear a white beret?
  5. No they wear a big dildo on thier head - like Choda boy - mainly like thier RMP brethern....

    Waits for incoming
  6. F@#/* O~# you T*@# :D :wink: Wanted to be the first :D

    No Western they don't, but the RAFP Ass do.
  7. :?
  8. They appear to have given up a lot of their barrier roles....Mpgs now doing it?
    Also they seem to wear DPM a lot more now.

    Will there be a joint service police as they now train at the same place ( also RN police)
  9. No. The structure, level of (phase 1) training, people, job (ops and garrison) are too different. Train at the same place to save money; but they're not trained together (unless you're on a phase 3 course).
  10. so no merger on the cards?
    So do more of the RAFP seems to do what used to be called provost ops now than before...used to be just those on the Harrier force that when tatical so to speak
  11. In short - bearing in mind that I'm about to go home...

    RAFP see themselves as a force protection asset.
    RMP are a policing asset capable of investigating in every theatre.

    Neither would want to take on the other's role (as a massive sweeping generalisation).
  12. Matt - you're not ambitious are you?
  13. RAFP - Mildly annoying with a leaning towards model aircraft construction.

    RMP - Fcuking annoying with a leaning towards sudden violence.

  14. RAFP have been mentoring the Iraqi Police service and are mentoring the Afghan National Police as we type.

    One trade is made up of smart,intelligent, dedicated people. The other is a bunch of pongoes :wink: :D
  15. A statement very much in the style of RAF Police PR which would make the uninformed reader believe that the RAF Police were the major contributor to such roles and performed these to the exclusion of all others.

    RAF Police deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in a number of roles, including Aviation Security and Counter Intelligence and Security. Some, a fairly small number, were involved in training the Iraqi Police and and equally small number are involved in mentoring the Afghan Police and do a good job.

    The lead Service Police organisation in both theatres was and is, of course, the Royal Military Police.

    Thank you for your attention.