RMP(V) back in N.I. ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by F_A_B__BABY!, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. I see the RMP may have a TA footprint back in sunny Norn' Iron, based in Thiepval Bks, does anyone else know about this? :roll:
  2. well, it was publicly confirmed in the TA Rebalancing announcement last week, along with the formation of 591 Independent Fd Sqn Royal Engineers (V) at Bangor and Antrim.

    Although where they are gonna get the people to form these units is a mystery to me.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Maybe, although the I believe the numbers transfering from Home Service Part Time to TA will be much smaller than the head shed expect.
  5. Probably the same Troops they dumped under the last review, i think they were 74 Engr Reg( but at work and can't check) they were given to the Signals who kept them as a Troop, but will they come back after being sh1t on by the Corps a few short years ago?

  6. It was 74 Eng, had quite a few friends in them.
  7. ok so the RE guys are back, the RMP guys are back, how long are they back for? before they are shat on again :eek:
  8. More like how long till they get shot at????
  9. MSR - doubtful the Home Service will join us, they have an in-built dislike of TA.
  10. That my fine Ranger friend is a load of cack! true some may not, but not every one in the HS Bn's have an in built hatred of us, only the toss pots who think we can't do it "for real" try the old dads army crap, just smile and walk away :)
  11. Gotta agree with FAB. Have been both HS and T.A. Aside from usual banter I never found any "dislike" of the T.A. from the Home Service. Main reason many won't go across when the HS goes is simple - they joined for a different reason in the first place. If they'd wanted to do that "type" of soldiering, many in the HS would have joined the GS battalion or went T.A. in the first place. Nowt more complicated than that. (HVM_Boy - PM me if you get a chance about what you might know. Kinda interested!)
  12. Sorry for dredging this old post up again, but anyone heard if/when? Have attempted to make contact through the "official" channels, but received fairly vague response of, "probably later on this year". Anyone with firm info feel free to PM me. Ta.
  13. RMP(V) have been in the process for coming into NI for a while now, i was sent a letter about it 2years ago, as far as i am aware it has been operational for about 6months its a detachment from livingston - 5 RMP/243 Provost Company - but how long it will last is another question.........
  14. I'm still waiting on details about this Uber secret unit 8O , if you get a contact name, number, drop me a PM m8
  15. The following is from 5 RMP web Page
    5 RMP in its current form was established to provide support on operations and in Barracks to 102 Logistics Brigade and the Joint Force Logistic Component. With the Regimental Headquarters based in Gutersloh, Germany and a rear element in Livingston, Scotland, 5 RMP will, in the near future, comprise of up to 500 personnel ranging in rank from Private to Lieutenant Colonel. The Regiment consists of 2 Regular Companies, each with operational and garrison policing responsibilities, and 2 enlarged TA Coy’s. The Regular Companies are 101 Pro Coy, based in JHQ Rheindahlen, and 114 Pro Coy based in Gutersloh which was recently re-established in Apr 06 and celebrated its official flag raising ceremony with
    PM(A). The TA Contingent consists of 243 Pro Coy (V), based in Livingston, West Lothian, with a detachment in Lisburn, NI, and 252 Pro Coy (V), based in Stocktonon-Tees with a detachment in Newcastle.