RMP V - 18 Year old

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by loiney, May 28, 2012.

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  1. hi all,

    I am currently a ccf ssgt (i am 18 ) and am just about to start a cadetship in the Merchant Navy - nothing to do with the RFA. and am wondering about joing the RMP V (as an officer) my local unit would be Southampton, any ideas or thoughts on that?


  2. Even if it's merchant, rather than RFA, how much use are you going to be to a TA unit if you're spending time away at sea?
  3. RMP? **** off, now! Before the big boys come and bum you for joining a chad unit. Go for REME, atleast you will be liked.
  4. The company I work for works their officers 6 weeks off/on with holiday as well, so i'll have plenty of time back in this country. Well I looked at the RMP as it was the only non-infantry unit in southampton - I do stand to be corrected though..
  5. Well the mother unit is 253 in London, to get ahead there best you get on form with the local masons; and not stone either... of course if scared of heights FT is still there, he is cnut and he could help.
  6. If you are local go down to Millbrook Road, look at the plethora of unit signs outside the TA centre and you will find more than RMP.
  7. Whats the problem with RMP? I quite fancy joining the TA but don't want to be a straight off infantry soldier - suggestions in that case?
  8. Nothing wrong with RMP V just the unit has some previous... for not being very nice unless you have the requisite handshake amongst some of the seniors...
  9. There even seems to be one which appears to be suitable for people who like playing with things that float.
  10. Depends what you want to do - the RMP has a bad image in the general military because no squaddie likes getting arrested whilst he is having a quiet can or 20 of stella (amongst other things - have a look around here, there are plenty of threads about why RMP are unpopular).

    However some RMP are doing stellar work on ops at the moment, TA included. They are not just doing general policing and hassling people (although the RMP does seem to attract is share of up their own ARRSE jobworths).

    Some RMP are right on the front line today, working in direct support of operations - so if infantry work is not your cup of tea then maybe something else might be more your line of country.
  11. Yea I have found a few posts that aren't to keen on the RMP! Having done my fair share off CCF ex's i can firmly say that doing infantry work for real doesn't appeal at all (the buzz of blanks is enough for me!)

    What was the unit that may appeal to floaty people?
  12. 165 Port and Maritime Regiment (Volunteers) - British Army Website
  13. Just stroll down there wearing your cadet uniform (your Ssgt rank slide is imperative) on their drill night and have a chat to the bods in charge of recruiting, but be sure they address you by your rank, if they don't then get out your Sgt's cane you bought off cadet direct for £79.99 and march them round the square screaming at the top of your lungs like the best cadets do until their eyes start bleeding. That way you'll be able to skip out selection and phase 1 with an instant promotion to your previously held big boy cadet rank.
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  14. I hate to offer the obvious but try google 'TA units in Southampton'. Then validate it with other sources.
  15. That will probably work best with the Scaleys down there.