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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Quincy, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Im considering applying to join the RMP within the next couple of weeks and was wantign to try and gain some information from anyone with previous experience of working in the RMP who could tell me a bit about the training and lifestyle.

    Is anyone aware of how long the recruitment process takes for the RMP and if the application process is quicker for those with previous experience.

    Also, a question which may sound slightly weird but at what point do RMP recruits get their 'scarlet' beret? The reason i ask is becuase ive never seen a phase one passing out ceremony with a redcap amongst them. I can understand why though

    Any conctructive feedback would be greatly appreciated as i know the RMP arent the most popular bunch of people out there.
  2. 3 things.

    I suspect you're about to get all sorts of sla*ging for even mentioning the RMP.

    Chances are you'll be wearing beige somewhere hot fairly soon if you join.

    Do it 'cos 'You're either a cop, or you're little people.' (Now that'll get some sla*ging).
  3. I knew it! As soon as i mention the words RMP the ears of the army will start twitching and theyll swarm to this post like flies round s**t.

    All i would say is i know there are a lot of people out there who will do anythign to try and slag me off for wanting to join the RMP but im after comments from serving or ex serving RMP soldiers/officers.

    I also know that what i have just said wont help. Im expecting a bit of a slagging but im a big lad and im sure ive been called worse in the past trust me.

  4. When you say you have previous experience, of what do you speak? (Being arrested for having a knock in the NAAFI bop won't help.)

    Do you have an idea of what police work is really about? What attracts you to the RMP?

    Personally joining the RMP was the best move I made as a youngster, but it's not for everyone. If you've only just starting thinking about and not looked into it properly go away and do that now.

    Long term, if you're looking to either join civvie bill, earn film star wages in CP or crack on and earn promotion at a reasonable rate RMP might be right for you, whether you are right for it remains to be seen....
  5. Phase 1 training is just basic that everyone does, Phase 2 training is 21 weeks at chichester, upon passing out from this you get your beret.

    I doubt the process is quicker if you have experience, you will be processed exactly the same as everyone else.
  6. Firstly i havent made any posts in the past under different usernames. I wouldnt see the point in that myself. This is the first post i have made with the intention of trying to get some constructive feedback about the RMP.

    As for having any idea what real police work is about then i do. Ive been a civvy copper for the past few years and am wanting out to join the RMP for a number of reasons which i wont go into on here.

    I think ill leave it at that for now. I personally do not see the point of a discussion forum giving people the chance to find out information if all that happens is they get a slagging for mentioning RMP.

    This isnt a dig at anyone in particular who has posted on here by the way. I can just see the general direction which this thread is heading towards and its starting to sound like the same broken record playing again.

  7. any one give me a hand here i am currently trying to get my transfer across to the rmp been in 7 yrs got my lance jack will i lose it when i transfer how much training must a do as i aint stupid like all the gob shites that walk in off civi street any help would be great cheers
  8. You will automatically be a L/Cpl....
  9. CVRT bloke,

    You should/will get senority, but how much is something that you will have to enquire about through the proper channels. Get it in writing as well my friend!


  10. I was a LCpl as well when i went over to the dark side, i joined at week 10 so only had to do Police stuff, when at your unit you may, like me get to take your Cpl exam a little quicker, this was a few years back mind so it's probably all changed.

    You will get attatched to a RMP unit to see if you like it and if the RMP like you so you will have to wind your neck in with these gobshites because you will probably find that they are good blokes/girls but just a little bit misunderstood, as an experainced soldier you will have to show then the basic squaddies on the piss drills.

    To quote my old RSM, YOU TRANSFERS IN ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE JUNIOR RANKS...........I thought he was right but im willing to listen to other views?
  11. Not disagreeing but not totally agreeing with the 'transfer ins' being the backbone. ANY Cpl, whether coming to RMP as VT, DE or JS in the beginning, is part of the backbone of the Corps