RMP Training Pass Out Parade

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Stephanie, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know whether you have a pass out parade like the one after basic training.
  2. We did in 1965 but things change and God knows what the tri service setup will be!
  3. We did in 86 at Chichester, likewise don't know whats going to happen at the new place
  4. My Pass Out parade involved dressing up in No2 Dress, a quick shufty over to RHQ and then in an ever so military manner....... marching up to the Registry to sign for my Warrant card. That was the only bit of foot drill I did that day.

    After that, my time was my own, but the RQ wanted my mattress and bedding in by 1100hrs.

    Them's was the days. No expense spared.
  5. I had one in '92!
  6. I was an instructor at the training school up until June last year and there was a pass out parade similar to the one that you have in ATR where your parents come etc. I thought personally that it was a bit naff as rather than having a band they had music playing through a shi*ty stereo system. J**n B**b*r usually turns up too and is guarenteed to make a tw*t out of at least one instructor in front the parents. The mayor of Portsmouth usually turns up too.

    By the way if you haven't started training yet, dont worry about it, the place is like a holiday camp now and is an absolute piece of pi*s.
    Dont forget your your slippers.
  7. Mine was just like Biscuits_AB's. After marching in front of the CO for two minutes that was it. I thought is that it? Five months of training and then two mins with the CO and then here you are boy, off you go! A major let down in 1984 I can tell you. No Watchtower, nothing. I felt like I'd just fallen off a conveyor belt. :yawnstretch:
  8. B*b*r. Is he still going? Just can't let it go can they? Wasn't cutting it in the RCT so we got him. He was a Major for years and I believe that he was due to be made redundant, next thing we know he's a half Colonel and loving the Corps like it just gave him a second chance at life. Which I suppose it did, when you come to think about it. They can only cheat reality for so long though.
  9. That cnut is just a hanger on these days, hes fcucking pathetic. Hes the regimental secretary and like you say he loves the corps as it gave him a second lease of life. When he was PM 4 Div he arrested a squaddie for eating an ice cream in uniform, says it all really doesn't it?
  10. They're all scared of each other though. 'Mo' S*****s had them all jumping through hoops at Chichester. I suppose this numpty will be doing the same. Sad that he's embarrassing the Instructors though. That is the mark of a c*nt. Just watch him at a social function when he realises that he's the most 'senior' person there.....takes over the event like faster than a hen pecked squaddie with 12 kids takes over a quarter.

    There's been a few of them. Then, to top it all, having annoyed the sh*te out of the Corps twice (when serving and later, when forgetting that they are no longer serving), they pop their clogs and get a big obituary in the Corps rag, which is usually full of sh*t about how they were born to lead and had respect of the men.
  11. Me and you know the corps all to well eh biscuits?
  12. So straight after this parade with the amazing tape player time is your own with your family. Are you allowed to leave and go back home fore a couple of days like basic?
  13. Sounds like your boyfriend has been lying to you if you ask me. Did he say that he was posted straight to his unit? And you unmarried with a kid as well?
  14. Biscuits haven't I seen some of your posts before, hmmmmmm.

    He has a 3 week training course after he passes out before he goes to his posting place. He is unsure whether they are allowed to get the weekend off though, I thought I'd try and find out, the helpful girl I am to him.
  15. I think that you've become suspicious of the strange texts he's been recieving, the excuses he's given for not getting back at weekends, always on guard duty, etc.

    Of course you've seen my posts...I directed you with one from another forum to this.