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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ready_wait_ready, Aug 28, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I've had a good trundle through the forums, and haven't seen a thread similar so I've created my own. (MOD's I didn't know where best to place it, here or Just TA.

    I've recently transferred to RMP from Inf, and have my RMP training course coming up next week. Due to a lack of correspondence from my new unit I haven't really got a clue what the course will entail. Could anyone enlighten me as to what's in store?
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Bloody hard work and hassle, no respite till the end
  3. They extirpate all the positive elements of your character and then award you with a red hat. Job done.
  4. I'm going to presume TA course...???
  5. The TA course isnt too much to worry about. I have instructed on it in the past. Basically the first week will be classroom based mainly, learning the basic theory of policng the military, I am talking really basic here so if you are a copper you may find yourself learning to suck eggs. The second week is mainly in the field, it consisted last time of an Inf type ex rather than the traditional provost ops however I am unsure of what the current format is. Which unit are you going to by the way?
  6. As mag to grid said, The focus appears to be on Infantry skills and the role of the RMP Embed at the moment
  7. Ah great stuff cheers guys. I'm all of a flap as I'm getting nothing from them. I'm going to ARRC (hopefully I'm on the course!).
  8. If you dont hear for definite that you are on it PM me and I will find out. Whereabouts are you from and why ARRC?
  9. The exercise on it is pretty pump as well.
  10. WHAT A LOAD OF TONK!! I've never EVER wasted my time in such a pathetic way! I will NEVER get that week back of my life. I binned the course after 9 days. Just prior to the exercise. Basically the first week was very quick lessons on Police stuff, fairly good, but not enough depth or practice, and then Saturday onwards is just an infantry **** around, using the IMP (v) course as a trainset for the seniors to use to show their ability. What a complete load of tross!
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  11. How would you improve it?
  12. Basically ditch the infantry stuff. Classroom based theory, followed up with practical demonstrations. Then students imitate and practice. Yes....EDIP!!!
    Southwick Park has excellent facilities so why not use them? They bang on about inf skills, and the modern RMP role, however every man Jack has done at least phase 1 before getting on the course so has the required level of Inf skills, the rest can be developed on pre-deployment training if necessary.
    Use the IMP (V) course to teach candidates how to be Service Police "Officers". Soldiering skills can be taught on TA weekends, or on pre-deployment.
  13. Soldier First Tradesman Second ;) a lot of recruits to Specialist have no real Army experience so need the Infantry stuff, anyway think yourself lucky hopefully its improved since the 90's when it was straight into Pro Ops with no Infantry stuff what so ever.

    Surprised you didn't mention about when all the recruits first meet, establishing who is who and what experience and so all which basically means sod all to the TA anyway and really rubs the Regs up the wrong wrong way.
  14. To be honest there wasn't anything in the way of "who's got the most previous experience", we just got on with it. The sooner DCPG take the course over the better.