RMP (trained) CP Operators, SAA Instrs, SASC, APTCIs - HELP

halomonkey said:
Porthtywyn, perhaps you should add a line to your sales pitch explaining that these certificates are just a bit of a laugh and are not real. That way those not in the know have a fighting chance against being taken in by Walts. No guarantee that anyone being lied to will see your blurb but at least the truth will be out there.

edited to add: Or how about you use very small print on the border to the effect of 'this is a fake'.
I like your idea about adding fake or even Novalty to the border,
Many thanks for that and will get onto this straight away.

You got any IBA ones for sale?
I dunno, just so they looked like they weren't knocked up in someone's lunch hour.

Decent paper, maybe a hologram or embossing or something. You know, like a proper certificate! :wink:

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