RMP (trained) CP Operators, SAA Instrs, SASC, APTCIs - HELP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by sunray757, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    This kind of sh1te really has to stop. Have you seen this:


    It is interesting that the bottom of each of his/her listings, the seller states that THEY own the copyright to the Certificates! I wonder if the Queen knows that she is using the Royal Coat of Arms without permission. I also think I know who owns the 'Protegimus' copyright (as CPU have now had to change their logo) and its not him/her!

    Please, anyone with eBay accounts - report this and get this clown shut down.

    He has a load more for anyone aspiring to be SAS, SBS, APTC, SAA Instrs and much more. God knows who buys this rubbish!

    Rant over, sunray...........out.
  2. CP cse certificates don't have the protegimus badge on them. They look exactly the same as all RMP course certificates - you got a pic, the system won't let me look at walt-bay.
  3. Well you should be working young chap, DII/CRIMES are work tools you know! Here you go............................................

    You want to see the rest, have a shifty when you get home. It'll cheer you up after your undoubtedly sh1te day!

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  4. Does anyone know what the legal spin is on this surly its a bit on the naughty side
  5. If anyone in the industry was daft enough to accept this Mickey Mouse certificate (Very doubtful), and the individual got a job, (Even more doubtful) it is a word of mouth, i.e. who know's you industry, then he/she would potentially be obtaining a percuniary advantage by deception.

    The prictise of manufacturing fake certificates, is perfectly legal I believe. Anyone with a computer and fingers can crack them out.
  6. Reported....MOD crest is soooo not allowed
  7. What a load of shite!!!

    But where can I get one of those CP patches (top right)? :roll:

    They've started serial numbering certificates, to prevent this sort of thing anyway.
  8. Just for you, print it off and wear it with pride. I might start selling them on WaltBay.

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  9. Can you get me one?
  10. I just ordered one of the certificates and a para one too - should impress my pl comd when i hang them in my room

    Should be good for a laugh

    Do they do SAS too?
  11. No, but if you're interested they do a nice line in Branch ones.
  12. Brilliant! LMFAO! The descriptions are the best. "

    "The CP course is open to all arms and mostly done by Para Reg (that's like Regt but better)"

    The SAS Selection one has 'Who Dares Wins' done in what looks like Word Art.

    The man is clearly a cnut.


    I have a very special one (framed) for you. You can have it when we have that pint mate!
  13. Nice one chappie! Just PM me when you're back.
  14. I know the guy whos selling these things on waltbay, Hes ex 29 cdo RA i slagged im off about this but started chattin to im and to be onest hes not that bad a guy he got crippled back in 81 in NI rekons a 7.62 went in his left knee and came out of his right knee. Anyway i felt a right pratt after my rant.
  15. Fair one, but 27 years later and he's selling cr@p on the internet.

    Him of all people [cdo trained] selling ardous cse certificates (or is he being thrifty fleecing walts?)