RMP to be jailed for killing a dog???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 7, 2004.

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  1. From The Times Online....

    "Soldier faces jail for killing puppy
    From Allan Hall in Gütersloh

    A BRITISH military policeman who admitted kicking a puppy to death in Iraq was found guilty of “disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind” at a court martial yesterday.
    Adam Matthew Lee, 23, could be jailed for up to two years and dismissed from the ranks when he is sentenced next month. Judge Advocate Robert Seymour said that the court was considering a jail term. Lee admitted killing the white stray at a military police compound in June last year — one day after six of his colleagues were murdered by an Iraqi mob. Friends expressed their outrage at the conviction.

    “We are all taught to kill. We were in a war zone, surrounded by stray dogs the brass said were verminous and he killed just one of them,” one colleague said. “This has been a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

    Lee said that although he was upset at the loss of his friends the killing of the stray puppy — which was fed rations and befriended by other troops in the garrison — was not provoked by grief.

    The three-day military hearing was told how the dog had become an unofficial mascot to troops based at the Abu al- Khasib military police compound. Lee had claimed that he kicked the dog after being bitten by it.

    The prosecution said that Lee had decided to kill the dog only after kicking it so badly when he lost his temper that he knew he then had to kill it to put it out of its misery."

    How much has this cost the taxpayer? What is the point?
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Someone somewhere has lost the fecking plot.

    I don't know why soldiers bother anymore.
  3. Disgraceful, have they got pictures of it for the mirror?
    It's all got out of hand.
  4. Feck sake !!! Wher's ma auld beret, combats, camera and the family pooch. I feel a nice pay jobby coming up from the Mirror !!!

    What about it Piersy boy ?

    Ubique ya bass !!
  5. Not yet.... what kind of mutt was it??
  6. Had he just slotted it, would he be in the same position ??? or would he be in front of the old man for a ND ?
  7. Steady on, chaps - there are, as always, two sides to any story. The version I saw was in the Daily Mail(?), which said that the dog in question was a friendly, relatively clean pooch who had been half-adopted by a group of soldiers. This Lee character decided to use the dog as a football and then stamp on its head to kill it. One of my screws read the story out to us in the office, and the general feeling was that this guy got what was coming to him.

    IF, and I mean IF, this version is true, then I would argue that it's only a small step from abusing a helpless dog to butt-stroking prisoners.
  8. Can he pop round to my house? I have a very bad dog! :twisted:

    Only joking, this was undoubtedly out of order :evil:
  9. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    It had 4 legs and a nose - you could probably get away with a cat or a lamb if you can't get hold of a real dog - hide any details with a black and white piccy and scruff yourself up a bit :twisted:
  10. Presumably he will be charged under the "cat bashing" section of the MML...?
  11. OP MUTLEY anyone?
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  12. A CM for this? He'd be better off with a trip to the men in the white coats and an admin discharge: it's wasting everyones's time and money to sling him inside.
  13. He's obviously a top bloke. It takes guts and years of training to kill a baby dog.

    They shouldn't bounce him though. They should simply go through his note book and ring all the lads that he caught having a wazz on their way back from a night out, who were subsequently fined or demoted.

    They should all get a free go at bouncing his napper off the tailgate of a four tonner. That, or he can be the guest star on the next P-company milling, but i'd stick him in divers boots so he can't run for it.
  14. at least he managed to kill it . I saw an officer doing op mutley use 3 rounds from a shotgun and fail to kill 1 dog which had beenso tam it had run up to the bloke before he started shooting 2 years for killing a dog
    bit out of order :lol: . Or are Animal rights people in charge now?
  15. The pink & fluffy crowd seem to be getting everywhere!!