RMP - Time frames on when/if to specialise

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Castleview, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, I have finally overcome a knee injury so my interviews will be happening very shortly. My question is:
    I know following phase 2 and receiving a posting, there is the mentioned six months before you can specialise in the other areas of the RMP (CP, Covert Ops etc...) How does this process work in reality? Is it a case of you, yourself, putting forward what you would like to do, or are you recommended (or a mixture of both I guess)

    Also, is their an average time spent on GPD before you can move on? (if that is what you want to do)

  2. As far as I know you have to work 6mth on GPD before you do anything.I asked in the past same question and the answer was .."You have to ask for it because if you wait for recommendation then you will keep waiting " So I guess this fella knew something, but that's all he said to me .I believe though, that you will get a recommendation as well , but I stand to be corrected.Hope these helps.
  3. If you impress in phase 2 training you may well go straight onto the CP course on completion of training. At the moment they are only taking the very best straight onto the course, so work hard and you might get on the CP course sooner than you think.
  4. CP is what I'm interested in once through stage 2 so I intend to work my arrse off from the moment I start; I'm an ex civ-pol detective so later on down the line I'd like to go for SIB once I've had a decent period of time in the job. Does everyone specialise at some point or are their soldiers who happily stick with GPD throughout their service?
  5. Alternatively, mong it in training, turn up to a company and show the ability to walk without supervision...my company simply cannot supply enough people for CP and is scraping the barrel to meet demand to furnish bodies for courses!
  6. I'm surprised! I thought with the current levels of recruitment there would be more than enough to go around; how come this is happeneing then?
  7. Truth is, I don't know. The lads who are CP are getting caned in terms of tours. The fact that lads are getting ripped out of DCPG at the end of Phase 2 to attempt the course, whilst only a trial, is symptomatic of the problem
  8. With a releative low pass rate.

    Some of the spankers that have gone from SP have been complete spankers, good at phys - possibly, ability to work unsupervised and free thinking - not tested.
  9. Exactly, but that reflects the current state of play. CP ain't what it used to be, in terms of calibre of SOME individuals who pass the course.
  10. Fair one, we have had guys pass out of DCPG as LCpls and go straight on the CP course, but i think it was more of a numbers game rather than quality. :rmp:
  11. I mostly agree; same happens in civpol; PC's are taken off from GPD and put in to specialist roles too early in their careers (I was one of them, although would like to think it was the "quality" they were after from me!! (I do regret not spending more time at the beginning of my service doing the patrol role)