Im just looking for some advice. I live in Preston and Im also a civvy Police Officer. I have been thinking for a while of joining the TA possibly even the RMP TA. Does anyone have any information on any units i can join? RMP units would be even better.


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Dont you fancy doing something different from your day job? I work on the railway in civvy street but my TA unit is a railwa...... oh b0llocks that didnt work...
The answer is....... 116 Pro Coy RMP (v). The nearest Det is Manchester at Bell Vue, recently re opened after the SDR farce.

Here is the bad bit. They don't do Police work. They are primarily an Ops unit suppoting Bde. The only Police bit they do is when individuals deploy with the Regs and even then most of it is Op Sp. Being Ex reg and RMP TA I would not recommend RMP to any serving Police Officer, you will be so miffed. The MPS (jailers) are recruiting heavily right now and need people with a custody background. They are specialist i.e. 15 day camp and 2 weekends a year with no drill nights. Don't know where they live but specialist are usually down south. Southerners don't like the cold and wet.

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