I'm expecting abuse but will ask the question anyway.

Can anyone with RMP TA experience offer any insight into how it works in the TA. I understand that 116 Provost Company has moved from West Bromwich to Manchester and am considering expressing an interest and applying.


I have heard from someone in 116 Pro Coy that they spend their training doing nothing but route marshalling and that policing is not a skill they develop. I appreciate that one persons view isn't always the correct view hence why i'm asking here.

Can someone tell me what training is done?
Are their opportunities to get blue light training, motorcycle training, CP etc?
What is done on exercises by 116 Pro Coy?

And any other information that may sway me one way or the other to join.

By the way, being derrogatory towards the RMP simply because of the role they carry out will not sway my decision. I am more than aware how the rest of the British Army feel about the RMP.

Thanks in advance.

Additionally, for those wondering, i have also posted this in the Just TA section but thought i may get more responses by posting here as well.


Ops, that's your role. Very limited policing. CP....doubtful. M/C training.... all depends upon the requirment for motorcyclists in your unit.

WHat do you do in real life? If you are a Police Officer (particularly CID), then 83 Sect SIB may be what you are after. Minimum of 19 days per annum, but plenty of scope to do more if you wanted to.

If you 'specialise' in the Bill, there's scope for you to do a bit more with the regular SIB and have a 'hands on' training role. 83 Sect get involved a lot and are bloody good to have around. They are all well known amongst the Branch and are treated like extended members of the Sections. Most of then have deep pockets though and won't buy drink.

Have you spoke to CVHQ?


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Firstly 116 hasn't moved from West Brom to Manchester, it's in both, having recently re-opened Manc Det after it closed several years ago.

West Brom will move though, it is due to move to Cannock in 07.

You may be technically too old to join, but exceptions can be made, particularly for those with military experience, but don't let that put you off. Your best bet there is to rock up, chat with the PSI and/or PSAO and sell your skills to them.

As for training it's a mixed bag. Since year dot the RMP TA task has been Provost Ops, great except out in the sun and sand now that's largely redundant. RMP now find themselves embedded into Inf sections/Pl's and out on the ground. This is seen to have two big advantages as I understand it. Firstly if the troops brass anyone up the RMP are there and able to confirm whether it was a good shoot or not. Secondly, in the same scenario, you have someone there to begin the inevitable investigation.

Don't get too excited though, I have no doubt that Provost Ops of old will remain an RMP TA task for the foreseeable, however infrequently we use it.

You are right in that general policing is not a skill that RMP TA are geared up for. There is no formal training in it, by which I mean it's not an element of the basic training recruits go through. What policing training there is is provided by those that are civvie bill or the officers/seniors with some experience. This is done from lesson plans provided/copied from the regs, not just cobbled together at home on a laptop.

Opportunities for training/courses are varied and easily obtainable. In fact, in my experience, this is a large part of the RMP TA, bods are always off on some or other instructors course. As for the jolly stuff like bikes, HGV and the like, they are a bit harder to come by but possible.

CP is an issue everyone asks about, but as yet RMP TA aren't loaded on the course (although I have no doubt somebody will shoot me down in flames on this and provide examples). A couple of reasons for this is what they don't want is 1. Everyone joining RMP TA, doing one of the most respected CP courses going and then clearing off to earn film star wages on the circuit and 2. They don't want the rest of the regular Army crying foul and give us a go before you call on reserves.

Parade night training is the usual TA stuff, weapons, drills if you're lucky, cleaning if not. The other MATTS. Even Battle PT is now on the programme fairly regularly. Having had a chat with the Oscar Charlie I know he (and everyone else) is keen for the training to get greener and where possible more akin to what the bods are doing abroad, which can only be a good thing in my view. In the New Year this should start to kick in and there are loads of good training packages planned.

Coming back to policing - if you are a civvie bobby don't worry about, chances are you've already had much more training and experience than even the regular RMP get in a career. If not, again don't worry too much, the RMP TA won't teach you how to be Sherlock Holmes, but it will teach you some routine policing skills and further training should be possible by way of courses with the regs, ask about that when you chat with the PSI.

Having only recently been in your boat I don't regret joining, although with reg experience I skipped quite a bit of the basic stuff I admit. That said the TA only give you back in experience what you put in in commitment. It all relies on you turning up for training nights, about 1 weekend a month and one camp a year. Any courses you want will be extra time but that's largely the deal. The same goes for adventure training, there's loads of oppurtunites but it's your time. And if you join and hate it - leave.

As an alternative I heard from several regular SIB bods over the weekends that the SIB element of the TA is to be tripled in size. But, currently, you need to be civvie bill and a CID to join them.

Anyway, enough waffle from me, get yourself down there (or ring up the PSI first) and have a chat with the experts.

If your interested - do it. Don't get to be too old and wish you had.

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I was at 116 for about 3 years mate after the demise of 160BPU in Cardiff post SDR.

You are correctly informed most weekends are spent doing provost ops out and about the various training arears around the midlands (swynerton, Nescliffe etc).

You might get 1 weekend a year doing some basic police input.

Good opportunities for courses though especially you bike course..

I think the PSI there is the same as when i transfered out (due to travelling) and he's a good bloke who's genuinely interested in TA soldiers.

I've known the Oc since he was a 2nd lt and he's very keen and army barmy.

Give it a go and see what you think. I am a bit out of date but if you need some more info PM me and i'll see if i can help.


Stroker, it was only a couple of years ago when 83 Sect was reduced from @ 40 to @ 14 bods. Funny how many saw the need not to cull them, but were ignored.

The problem, if indeed what you have been told occurs, will be that not many Police Forces nowadays will let their Officers join the TA and those that were part of the cull, may not wish to come back if invited (most will be too old now anyway). RMP will be heavily reliant upon the lads and lasses leaving Regular SIB to fill those posts, but those that are leaving may just have had a belly full of it all and might understandibly not wish to be associated with it anymore, even on a part time basis.

Just as long as that c*nt J*ssop stays away, the fat lying devious P**f.



The "lads" from 116 came to Germany this year to do some training and when they left some of them were still smiling :D So it can't be all that boring in 4 RMP!

Follow the advice of the others here and give them a ring, what do you have to lose? All of us who were RMP at sometime or other have some good memories .... despite the different roles we had.
Each time I log onto ARRSE and read some of the comments on here I always find some remarks from people like B_AB over people who I knew before they defected to the Branch and I just laugh my socks off. That's when I look back and think....it wasn't all bad and if I had my time again, I'd still join up.
No I don't know when Upavon is ...before you start :p


From GPD days I'm still trying to remember where exactly but I remember that when he got to stand in during a leave period (or sometime of a similar nature) he made our lives hell. Dates and times may be forgotten but names or even faces for that matter...never. I practically fell off my chair when I read your last sentence on the TA subject...Ha Ha Fantastic.. :p



He was with 83 Sect for a while. What a twisted decietful bitter.....f*cking wierd individual. I could never work out what made him tick. He was banned from conducting intreviews after caution by Regular SIB. He didn't have much experience that way anyroad (he worked in the Int Office in real life....bet they were chuffed) and whilst trying to big it up in front of a probie Sgt, he went right over the top in a interview. Legal binned the job. The man is a complete and utter c*nt. Last I heard, he'd jumped ship over to GPD and was a WO2. That was a while back though. He also moved away from Essex and ended up in Merseyside.....bet Essex were happy. I have yet to meet anyone who likes the bloke. 'Untrustworthy, self centred, lazy sh*te' doesn't quite sum him up.


I think HK, my memory is a little off, he was one of those people I met as a LCpl/Cpl and then later on in life after they'd been promoted normally through the "work" of other people and their personality had just done a 180 degree turn...unbelievable. I have a small list but I worry just in case you're on it! :lol:


See what I mean Phil?

Here you have two people in RMP, different jobs, probably never met, but as long as I've been reading ARRSE the laughs I've had reading B_AB's and the other regular RMP contributors comments make it all seem not so bad.. 8O

Hope it goes well.


Sorry, wouldn't know. I didn't see him with 4 RMP during their visit (I looked through binoculars as they got off the coaches !), however, did see some old faces of the past with whom it was a pleasure to serve and were a bloody good laugh.
If any of you are reading this, Season's Greetings to you all. :D


He was probably bound and gagged in the side luggage compartment. His preferred method of travel. Either that, or he'd have been walting it as the bus driver.

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