Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by phil_h_2007, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm expecting abuse but will ask the question anyway.

    Can anyone with RMP TA experience offer any insight into how it works in the TA. I understand that 116 Provost Company has moved from West Bromwich to Manchester and am considering expressing an interest and applying.


    I have heard from someone in 116 Pro Coy that they spend their training doing nothing but route marshalling and that policing is not a skill they develop. I appreciate that one persons view isn't always the correct view hence why i'm asking here.

    Can someone tell me what training is done?
    Are their opportunities to get blue light training, motorcycle training, CP etc?
    What is done on exercises by 116 Pro Coy?

    And any other information that may sway me one way or the other to join.

    By the way, being derrogatory towards the RMP simply because of the role they carry out will not sway my decision. I am more than aware how the rest of the British Army feel about the RMP.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I know slightly less about RMP(TA) than advanced quantum theory. Even so, I can't see them training you in Close Protection.
    There are TA SAS regiments, but not a Territorial SRR.
    Some jobs are only done by Regs

    Anyway, good luck.
  3. 243 Pro Coy annual camp - route signing, route clearance, the odd VCP, a bit of bullsh1t and a day off, not a lot else
    didn't like it much, so I left =| =|

    doesn't make them bad people, apparently big changes at 243 Coy now.