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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bert1992, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. I've been looking at TA regiments/units for a while and my initial choices were the 2 i posed on my first thread.

    However i've now gone with the RMP. I passed the barb and selection and have my medical coming up.

    I currently hold a full uk bike licence and am having lessons to get a full uk drivers licence. Is there any driving involved with any of the training (the 7 weekends and the two 2 weekers)?

    I understand that you can't get your lance cpl on the final 2 weeker without a full uk licence. Do you have to have your lance cpl/drivers licence to deploy, either on op herrick or op plunder? (would be looking to do op plunder first).

    i'd be very gratefull with any help with my queries.

    (apologies if i've got anything wrong in this thread)
  2. what is op plunder?
  3. I may be getting it horrificly wrong...i was under the impression that in the RMP you can do an 8-9 week stint in afghan where you check every box being sent home for contraband (op plunder). I know it sounds bone but i've been told it's a good intial experiance.

    Again, apologies if i'm way off.
  4. Bit Confusing that as Operation names are never meant to be duplicated,
    However the OP relates to an RMP tasking (more of a customs operation than anything else) that was ongoing during Telic and is carried out in Afghanistan.
  5. pandaplodder - Thanks for the reply, glad i wasnt far off.

    While checking up on it i did get alot of links reffering to the river rhine crossing, which did confuse me a little.
  6. What unit are you joining? Don't make getting deployed your everything as you may find it will take a lot longer than you think, normal unit training may not be what you hoped for.
  7. Op Plunder is done as a side tasking by the unit that is on the Tour before everyone clears off and it's boring as shite. They won't send you out just so you can check a few boxes, unless thing have completely changed since 2008? If you fancy working for a few months in Kabul, then join the RAF Police as they do certain checks at Airports and it's a specific tasking. Hope that helps.
  8. 253 RMP. They have all been very good/usefull at the unit. Afghan isnt my main focus at the mo, i focus on each step of the process with a 6 month herrick being my eventual goal. I would ideally like to do OP Plunder first.

    I've been given a good insight to normal parade nights and training weekends and am happy with them. I wont know exactly what to expect untill i'm doing it but aslong as i keep everything positive and give everything my all then hopefully i'll have a good time and a good career in the TA.

    Thanks for the replies and advice 'pandaplodder'. :)
  9. JAY52 - there is a standing tasking now where RMP(V) deploy a number of individuals during each RiP to alleviate pressure on the in-theatre company, specifically for OP PLUNDER.
  10. 253 is one of my old units, probably take you 18 months to get to a deployable stage so Herrick should be in process of winding down by then, they are pretty good at that unit for getting people deployed (sending bods previously to Op Grapple, Telic and Herrick).
  11. They go through your kit and steal Souvenirs off you.Supposedly to stop you bringing back weapons and other stuff.Allegedly
    now going through laptops and other digital media to stop unsuitable stuff ending up on you tube.
    We can all live in peace as OP plunder has kept the UK streets free of knives guns and drugs.
    Unless you need the money or get off on messing people around I wouldn't bother its a really dull task.Probably have to do that before you get to do anything interesting though.

    I know it needs doing as the Army is full of idiots its still annoying.
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  12. Stone me, bods wanting to join the TA specifically to go to Afghanistan to **** their mates over.
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  13. I thought op Blunder has been on going for years.

    They were doing it in Bos when I was there over 10 years ago.
  14. Is that 18 months to be ready for a full 6 month herrick or an OP Plunder? I was under the impression that as Op Plunder needs none/not much PDT and only being 8-9 weeks long, that it wouldn't take too long after being fully trained to get on it?

    Thanks for the replies.
  15. Try Granby, a few AK's were found in containers being shipped back