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I have been looking at the options available to me within the TA and like the idea of RMP TA. Having looked at the local units the closest one is in Cannock which is over 50 miles away!

I understand there are national and regional units which have different days that need to be completed etc but wondered how this works. Or would I have to do over a 100 mile trip every week for drill nights??

Any help would be great,
Thanks :)
National I think means, roughly, only 19 day commitment. Where as regional is more your local TA unit, and is 27 days commitment. National do not have drill nights during the week, but local do.

The problem your having is that a number of smaller/specialist units have few units around the country so can be a pain to get to, or a fair few miles away...Its all about how much you want to do it. Things may chance in the future with the TA getting bigger.

I believe that National TA for RMP are administered through the AGC CVHQ Pool, which operates out of Worthy Down, near Winchester.

The AGC CVHQ Pool is a National Unit and so has a reduced (i.e. 19 day) training commitment c.f. 27 MTDs as standard for Regional units. As of Spring 2011, when I talked to TAPOL, there are several opportunities during the year to do a four day weekend (T,F,S,S) in order to complete MATTs and then your other MTDs are used on training or taskings. I suspect that 19 days get consumed pretty quickly, though.

Specialist Units - British Army Website

Looks like you will have to have a relevant Monday-Friday occupation too for National TA RMP. Like Mr S says, schlepping up and down the country is fine when you start off and are keen as mustard but it becomes a drag after a while when juggling the Family-Work-TA (in that order) commitments.

The AGC goalposts may have moved since then... again... Hope this helps.


PS How about 55 MI Coy (V) ?

5 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers) - British Army Website
There are a number of options as far as National RMP TA are concerned. There is a unit, CVHQ, that has an RMP National TA company in it. They are mostly Police Officers with experience/CID Officers. There are also a small number of posts within RMP TA that are National, in the sense that there is only a 19 day commitment.

These tend to be posts that only require a short term attendance. Such as an RQMS at an RHQ, for example there are a few of these posts as 4RHQ in Aldershot.

The vast majority of TA RMP are regional, in that they are dotted around the country. Not as local as say some field hospitals or Signal units for instance. Since RMP TA in numbers, do not need to be huge, they are few and far between.

In the scheme of things you must be fairly close to a unit if you are only 50 miles away. I have heard that the unit in London has people attending from Devon....
Short of it is unless you are a current Police Officer, Prison Officer or work in the Security business (but more than just a doorman) you really might not be what the CVHQ element of RMP are looking for.
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