Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tank6275, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently a loggy and feel at a dead end at my unit and am getting bored of something i used to love.

    An old captain from my unit transferred to a RMP unit not too far away and is now suggesting me and another colleague leave and move over to RMP.

    Can anyone give any suggestions and also anyone whos RMP and not civ pol how did they find it? as i am aware a lot of people in this RMP unit are also civ pol.
  2. I can't believe someone has got bored of the RLC!!! Hang on in there son, theres some new Pot Noodle flavours being marketed soon.

    The trouble is, if you transfer to the RMP you'll still be working with morbidly obese, slopy shouldered racists but this time you'll be arrested them.
  3. if you were at my unit i think youd get fed up very quick too.
  4. Go over to the RMP forum there are quite a few current RMP TA posting on there, I know a couple of them and would trust their advice.
  5. is there an RMP forum? had a look with not much luck. guess i cant be looking hard enough
  6. Route signing, route signing and erh oh route signing, Regular RMP don't do it (not useful on current ops for obvious reasons) but the RMP TA has to keep its hand in just in case its ever needed. If you fancy being stuck in the back of a Land Rover for hours on end playing around with a box of tar pitch signs.

    Remember those little MSR signs that you see driving your RLC wagon down the MSR? well they are RMP responsibility, RMP TA does not do Garrison Policing so its not as exciting (not saying its not ever possible as sometimes there is requirement to back fill in BFG for a few months) as people think.

    True there is limited scope to do the CP course but unless your a racing snake marksman forget it.

    The only units that are CIVPOL manned are SIB and ARRC MP Bn, the Independent units will most probably have a lower number of CIVPOL members because of the training commitment conflicts with shift work + most Police Forces limit how many staff are able to join TA.

  7. No its because you monkeys are part of the All Girls Corps, and don't forget it clerky boy
  8. And what part of the arrse stabbing untermensch is it that you associate with?
  9. Don't do it Tank, I'm going infantry, wanna join me??
  10. mate, nothing against those infantry out there but, i have no intrest in infantry what so ever. i'll either stay where we are just now or move to RMP. plus im thinking of applying for civ pol anyway and might give me a head start
  11. The role of the RMP has become a lot more infantry based in the last few years. It is now common for RMP NCOs to be embedded with the infantry.
  12. Err has it? So are RMP going out as an RMP section and setting up ambushes or carrying out RMP Platoon attacks under the command of a RMP 2Lt? Yes there are embeds but I think you will find that when the infantry are doing their bread and butter work the RMP will be left out. The embeds are there to assist mainly with tasks such as Police mentoring. As an embed in an infantry section I was once asked to go out on an "Infantry task" lets say and when the RMP C of C got wind of it they blew their top and said that wasnt why we were there.

    As a corps, the RMP has made a bit of an effort to step up its soldiering skills however so have the other none teeth arms it would seem.

    The RMP TA's main focus is always going to be Provost ops and if you do get mobilised and deploy with the regulars then that is when things change slightly.

    Of course there are oppertunities to go to regular companies too to do garrison policing however I have stories from a few people who have done this and they have ended up as the desk b*tch answering the phone for the duration of their time there.
  13. So, Tank, what's the verdict after your little jolly today??
  14. Na, a fat negative i think! gonna stay put for now anyway. I think everyone is more than aware of the problems at our unit mate and i think im willing to just stick it out.