Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scouse_phil, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. I am a 29 year old police officer working in a home office police force.

    I am considering joining RMP TA (and possibly even jacking in CivPol to go into the Army as full time RMP!)

    I've been looking at ARRC MP Bn and also 116 Provosot Coy.

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the 2 other than the fact ARRC MP Bn only requires a minimum commitment of 19 days?

    Are the roles any different?

    Is the training any different?

    Does one offer better opportunities than the other?

    I appreciate that i'm over the age for officer entry but with my civilian police qualifications does this offer any exemption (not saying I would definitely want to go down the officer route but would like to know my options)?

    Any other information would be gratefully received.

    *Edited to make slightly more sense!
  2. I know you've posted elsewhere mate, but there is no simple answer to what you want.

    RMP is nothing like civvy bill, RMP TA is nothing like RMP.

    Best bet attend your local RMP TA (which if it's 116 is Tue in Cannock and Wed in Manchester, 1930 til 2130 for both). You could ring in advance and make an appointment with a recruiter, probably wise as they are pretty busy most nights.
  3. ARRC MP Bn? Are you sure you're not confusing this with ARRC Sp Bn? Can't say I've ever heard of the former, although that's not to say they don't exist.
  4. See your PMs.
  5. you are too old, (or rather pushing it) for direct entry as an officer to the regulars, but you could join TA, train and commission with them and then look at transferring post tour to the regs. This route is slow and very uncertain however.. a search would give you more info
  6. I am a police officer. Just curious but why are you considering jacking in CivPol?? I presume Home Office Constabulary is MOD Plod or Nuclear constabulary??
    If its the latter you may prefer more mainstream policing,(I would definitely recommend).
    Personally love working a major UK City Centre (Holby).. its always busy and varied.

    I have just returned from Herrick my observations are that it seems that RMPs role is quite varied... but still cannot see why its worth giving up Civ Pol, with the latter you can work until 60, pretty good in the current climate. With RMP you could do your 22 and then try and get in...

    .. thankfully UK RMP was less to keen to hand out speeding tickets than their US colleagues
  7. Nope, its definitely ARRC MP Bn...just waiting for the recruiter to call me back to see what they do and if they'd want me!
  8. Info, if very little on the ARRC MP Bn here:
    I've never heard of it until now.

    For 116 Pro Coy, Cannock Recruiting:
    01543 465 662

    For 116 Pro Coy, Manchester Recruiting:
    0161 230 7155

    Judging by your name you're in Liverpool, there should be someone in at Manchester Detachment 9 - 5 most days to take your call
  9. Thanks funky.

    I've spoken to the CSM at ARRC MP Bn but he can't take me on cos i've got no previous military experience. I've also spoken to the 116 Pro Coy recruiter (on here) and he has given me some information. Just don't know if i'd be able to commit to the drill nights every week and the extra commitment. I'm thinking it over...

    Still not 100% sure what ARRC MP Bn do in comparison to ndependent units. When speaking to the CSM it sounded like they do the same to my untrained ear but i'm sure there is someone out there who will tell me differently. My reasoning for thinking ARRC MP Bn do something different is the fact they are 'specialist' and are adamant that you are Civ Plod and have military experience.
  10. Go for 116, yoiu don't HAVE to do every drill night so long as you put in a good showing on the weekends.
  11. Is that short female sgt whose in west mids police still there?
  12. Let's move this thread on a bit

    What courses/training is available to RMP TA?

    What are the promotion prospects?

    And in completely unrelated news...why aren't I allowed to get rid of the f*ck*n birds that have broken into my roof space and ripped out all the insulation?!?!!?
  13. Phil, PM sent regarding courses.
  14. As an update, I now hear that my pet Walt in 243 Provost Company has had his tour "canceled". I'd wager a tenner that he's been fucked off of it as a retard.

    Its a blessing that this walt wasn't allowed to get a gong for spending 30 days on OP Plunder, because he'd have doubtless shot all the Taliban and told everybody about it when he got home!

    Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but wanted to laugh in public about this sad excuse for a soldier!