RMP(TA) Promotions - Timescales etc.


Joined RMP(TA) in Nov. 2003 and made A/LCpl straight away given previous service in TA as Class 1 infantry soldier. My bounty in 2004 was the full 5yr bounty recognising my prior service.

Also, serving as a civilian cop.

Made substantive L/Cpl in Apr 2005 and then Cpl in Nov 2005 but also completed Class 1 Cpl upgrading in July 2005 (whilst a lance jack).

Completed SCC in Oct 2008 and boarded for Sgt. in Nov 2009 with recommendation for promotion straight away. Still waiting though as APC are querying my length of service as a Cpl.

From my reading of the Career Map dated Mar 05, it's 6.5 yrs service from completion of Phase 2 trg. I first passed my infantry Phase 2 in about 1995 and made class 1 infantry soldier in 1997. With the RMP, I completed my Class 1 Cpl's course before I was even a Cpl and the career map says this upgrade is only due 4 yrs after competion of Phase 2. Which Phase ? Anyone know.

I've been waiting a year now to be made up. Sh*t I know but where do I stand? Been A/Sgt for a good few months too but that's a year passed, one increment missed and one yr. missed for the next step in the process?? Feckin TA!!
Phase 2 should be your IMP(V) course - or the old equivalent: ie when you got your beret, MP patch and whistle.
I was under the impression the timeline for RMP was: 6 months as a private, minimum 1.5 years as a LCpl, minimum 5 years as a Cpl.

However, just because you have done your SCC doesn't mean that you should get promoted. It means that you are eligible to be promoted. Are there spaces to actually promote you?
Are you Acting Sgt or Local Sgt? They are two very different things. And from what I hear, it might be better to stay as a Cpl than a Sgt with the SDSR coming...
I suspect Local.

I didn't do an IMP(V) course but what really appeared an ad-hoc portfolio which was signed off (eventually following a rather lax process) within the unit itself.

It's not just that I've done the SCC but more the time in and role I'm filling (that of a substantive Sgt) and even with SDSR, the job I'm doing at the moment is secure (instructor role) with still a good number of MTDs.

I completed the Class 1 Cpl. upgrade as a LCpl. in July 2005. This, from the Career Map should not be done until 4yrs following Phase 2 training. I suppose the real question is: with such a lax process for transferees into the RMP(TA), when did I 'finish' Phase 2- when I was made Acting LCpl. (Oct 2003) or substantive (Apr 2005). I wore the beret and patch from day 1.
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