RMP TA on operations


My girlfriend is considering joining RMP TA at Cannock

We wonder what personnel who get deployed actually do on operations

Any comments?
Easiest thing to do bubblerg is get her to arrange in informal interview / chat with ourselves there.
01543 465 650

We've had numerous personnel deploy with very varied roles on operations. From being embedded within infantry units "on the ground" to General Policing Duties and of course mentoring of the Afghan Police Force.
PM my wife on Monkey_Wench. Her info may be outdated as TELIC 2 but she has plenty ofd 116 contacts
Give the TAC a ring and speak to the PSI, he's a top bloke and will give you all the information you need.
Sorry to hi-jack this thread but hopefully some of this may be relevant. I'm in the TA and am currently looking to transfer units and have thought about the RMP TA. Using the search function I found loads of stuff about transferring, where and how etc but have so far have been unable to find out about re-trading - what I would have to do to be a trained RMP soldier. If anyone knows how many weekends, what courses and how it works i.e. is it 'x' weekends and a two week course? could you please drop me a PM. I've spoken to a unit and am waiting for an interview but would like to get a clear idea of the training involved before so I know what to expect.

Cheers in advance,

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