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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by delinquent, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Just out of curiosity... What colour beret and badge do nigs use before earning the red beret?

    Am I right in assuming that it's the standard AGC lid and button?
  2. Due to cutbacks, you wear these:

  3. On a serious note, it is the standard Army GS beret (Dark Blue) with an RMP cap badge.

    The green 'AGC' beret is only for Special Pen Service now, thank god!
  4. Cheers

    Proximo : Genius :D
  5. Black with the RMP badge.

    You can't wear the red one until you have completed your Special to Arm training given the authority.

    Or arguably, you don't want to be a target too early now do you!
  6. First of its not black (thats tankies) its midnight blue

    secondly those that are wearing midnight blue have the wrong berets on, they should be wearing AGC green, there are loads of threads on this especially in the ACF section as thats what the RMP ACF are supposed to wear as they are not provost
  7. I had to wear this fashionalble number until I "earned" the red beret.

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  8. It's dark blue with an RMP cap badge, before I got my red one I firstly had a green one with AGC cap badge (thus confusing the instructors on my recruits course) and then the blue beret with the RMP cap badge.
  9. Ditto.

    It WAS the green AGC beret with RMP cap badge but SPS kicked up a fuss. Now it is the blue beret with RMP cap badge.
  10. Don't know what the bother is, put the red one on as soon as you learn how to salute just like everone else with a coloured one. The only one I can think of that is different is the Commando/RM beret which still has to be earned, all the others, including 16 AA, come with a posting order. What's so special with the RMP one?
  11. You have to earn it! That's why they don't give them away!
  12. Please tell me you are trying to crack a joke? Earn it? How exactly?
  13. Of course they earn it

    Like they earn thier first stripe
  14. They have to pass the 'How to fit up' exam.
  15. To be boring again...

    The RMP scarlet beret is a not a qualification (like the Marine one) it is part of our legal designations, which includes the MP TRF. It is only worn by a warrant card holder (or whilst on environmental trg).

    P.S The AGC green beret is only ever now worn by SPS, which is great not being confused with the special pen service