RMP T.A Close Protection

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by martin7606, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. I understand that the subject was raised some time ago, I have viewed an old related thread, which suggested that RMP T.A bods were completing courses at Longmoor.

    Is this the case? And what levels of service / number of T.A personnel are being selected?
  2. RMP TA can now apply for the CP course, I know two TA bods who went for it, one passed and the other RTUd after getting injured half way through.

    It's not even worth considering unless you are on top of your game with shooting and fitness. Part of the deal is that if you pass you are down for back-to-back tours.

    Potential applicants now have to fight it out at is now at regimental selection weekends, apparently.
  3. Am I correct that TA soldiers have to complete the full course(8 weeks?)rather than a short version?
  4. Yes, it runs as a 'regular' course that is also open to TA with the same standards expected of both regular and TA participants. It is not like the AAC course where there are two versions.
  5. Makes sense, and sounds like a bloody good course. 8)

    I seem to recall one ARRSEr posting that any TA soldier who completes the CP Course is pretty much guaranteed to be called up.

    How long would a TA RMP soldier have to serve with his unit doing normal Monkey work before he could apply for the CP Course?
  6. Didn't someone from 116 called John do it a year or so ago? Mind you he had quite a bit of previous....
  7. Same as any JNCO completing the course - have to be prepared to deploy straight after or very soon after the course. With regards to TA this would definitly be the case in order to get some sort of return of service.
  8. Fair one. And anyway, what's the point of putting in all the hard work to pass the selection and training for an elite unit if you're NOT willing to deploy?
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  10. No only 2 people from 116 have done it, neither called John. Think I might know who you are thinking about though, he went off and did something else unless it is the other "John" who has a bit of previous.
  11. It has been known that I have been wrong on occasion. Do you still get a bung from the FO for doing black jobs?
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  14. Was that Jon, John 1, John 2 . Johnny, Big John or Angry John?

    I worked with them all at the Obvious.
  15. To get a well paid civvy job on the back of it .Guess even monkeys are smart enough to stop that happening though :twisted: