RMP SSgt - WO2 Board predictions anyone?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by whosthedaddy, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Anyone up for a bit of predicting on the results/numbers on the board this year?
  2. I can predict one thing, yet more mongs are going to be WO2's.
  3. Always a good chance of that happening, but how many will be mongs and how many will be decent?
  4. It's been sometime but is there a chap called Ian B......l still in the corp? I reckon he should be knocking on the WO2 door by now. He was in 113 when my ex was there?
  5. Dont you watch Eastenders?
  6. I do but that would be Ian B..l would it not? Come on TRS, keep up :D
  7. DOH oh yeah silly me
  8. It is Ian BEALE ffs guys - so it would have been Ian B...e.

    RMA, give us a rough idea when your ex was at 113 to help!
  9. Sorry OFO

    He was there about 89/90 in Dortmund where the PADS NAAFI was. I think he did a stint as the Dog Handler (?).
  10. Nope, sorry RMA, can't think of the guy you mean.
  11. The way retention is in the RMP at the minute he will more than likely be well out by now and theres probably more chance of someone who wasnt born then getting made a WO2 :wink:
  12. Thanks anyway.
  13. GPD - About 7

    SIB - About 4
  14. What and you guys think this only happen to the RMP? I wish.

    Jockster :wink:
  15. When are they out?