RMP SSgt Posting Plot

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by whosthedaddy, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Here goes,

    anyone heard anything yet regarding the SSgt Posting plot for RMP? I'm still waiting for a posting order and am starting to get rather irate! I mean, how hard can it be to post a few SSgt's???? The board results have been out for 8 days now and I can't believe it is this difficult to move a few bods around. Like many others I have to think about my wifes current employment for which she will need to give a months notice, childcare and housing, not to mention the fact that I would like sufficient time in my new unit to get a CR which isn't more bland than cookhouse food!

    Any rumours or heads up would be appreciated on PM.

    WTD :(
  2. I believe that they have had to redo the WO2s posting plot so it's probably fair to assume that the SSgts one will go Pete Tong as well. Not much comfort for you and your family though. Has MCM Div given any indication?

  3. Are you surprised? I am not.

    There has been so much genuine concern over this years pre selection and posting fiasco I really think someone needs to politely email a link from these threads to MCM Div, so they realise that the WHOLE of the Corps are sat scratching their heads in utter confusion at their decisions regarding postings!

    No wonder we as a Corps are getting shiote, we are never allowed to specialise long enough in a role (Flags) to become competent let alone proficient! (Exlusion of the guru at 1 RMP!).

    Beam me up Scottie!
  4. Berlin, no indication whatsoever. I am relying wholly on the good will of a couple of non MCM types who will have a hand in the plot, but at the end of the day if MCM stamp their feet and don't agree with my choice I won't get it, simple as that.

    It's just the whole not knowing thing that gets me, at least if I knew where I was going I could research child care etc and start planning my life. As it is I can't do a fooking thing, which has the obvious knock on effect at home with a wifey who, whilst understanding most of the time, will at some stage become threaders and start stamping feet. I don't blame her!

    I just don't see the problem, the slot that I am after is vacant at present so it's not like it's a major drama me asking for it, but MCM will not even 'pencil' it in.
  5. Well folks looks like you may have to wait even longer for your posting, it is being banged on the drums that it will be at least another week yet before the SSgt postings are out!
  6. Yep, apparently the 'release' date is Fri 25 Apr. Well, that would be the first draft anyway, which will no doubt need about 7 changes before we can settle on something concrete. No real surprise here, as usual! :x
  7. I know we keep on banging on about it, but even at this stage of my career I really think that this year is probably one of the worst handled pre selection boards and posting plots, terrible!

    Those of you due posting now and being expected to wait even longer until those at MCM do it in their time just sucks. If you were close to coming off the board this year and have to wait out on a posting all I can say is 'Good Luck' you will need it!
  8. From what I have heard, there are issues with the WO1 and WO2 plot as two new positions need filling at WO1 level. Once they have filled the WO1 plot, then the WO2 plot can be confirmed (as there may be a need to create another 2 x WO2s) and then the SSgt plot, if you see what I mean?
  9. hurryupandwait, I think you will find that has already happened as CW, DS (SIB), TB all got promoted off the sweeper board from SSgt to WO2 and NA and SB, got their WO1 too. This all happened within the last 2-3 weeks.

    Unless of course you have information to suggest that in addition to the 2 late selections to WO1 (mentioned above) there are even more late pre selections???
  10. Just think of the knock on effect AGAIN!!!!! Well I suppose they could not bother promoting people and just use the black economy for yet another year??????
    I think that new new fridge magnets used on the board must be defective????? They should just go back to chicken bones!
  11. Well, the plot is supposedly being done this week sometime, with an anticipated publication date of this Friday. I'll believe that when I see it. Wonder if anyone will show a bit of common sense and sort this problem out?
  12. Porkie, you really do go on about MCM Div and their failings don't you. Why don't you do us all a favour and volunteer to go up there and sort it out yourself overnight as you obviously think it is easy.

    Seriously though, I have had a few visits to records and realise it is not as easy as it would appear to the layman either to promote the right amount of people straight off a board or to post everyone to where they want to go in a short time.

    It does take a lot of working out and time to do it properly. Even then, as you can see on here time and time again, people still go on and on about it.

    After 22 plus years I still don't understand it nor would I want to or a post in Glasgow may come my way. What I do understand though is that it is not as easy as compiling a monthly shift rosta for a RMP Section!
  13. Moped man!

    My, my there goes that attitude again!

    I would love to go to MCM div, sadly my term in the glorious Corps is up and I must go and find a real job :).

    It sounds like your hanging on to the job by your fingertips what with '22 plus years' no doubt that is the VEng kicking in for you. In fact that is probably why you are bitter and a mouth almighty, I bet you are one of those repsonsible for holding up the promotions by staying in for an extra two years! Grrreat!

    Come along, move on, venture into civvy street and leave the Forces to the younger ones they can do you job better than you think :)
  14. Awwww Porkie, what you gonna do in civvy street, store detective or something like that?

    Bitter, me? Not at all mate, happy as larry here, off to a nice Cypriot beach in a minute for my 1.30 pm salad by the sea. Life couldn't be better.
  15. Store Detective, ha ha...... Er not quite, I'm not SIB :) but thanks for the stereotype!

    Cypriot beech, lovely, but then again it is only a posting and you too will have to go to civvy street one day :)