RMP Specialist Pool

Hi guys,

does anyone have any experiences of knowledge of the RMP Specialist Pool? ie what they get up to and whether its worth joining.

I am a civvy copper with 5 years TA expereienced behind me in Inf AGC and Int

I used to be the recruiter for the AGC TA. Specialist Military Police assist their Regular colleagues with all aspects of policing duties when on exercise or attachment.

The Specialist Military Police Unit also has a Special Investigation Branch. Individuals must be at least qualified within the Criminal Investigation Department with the Civil Police Force.

The Specialist annual commitment is 19 days on completion of recruit and employment training.

The entry criteria for Specialist TA Royal Military Police requires previous military experience and currently serving as a police officer.

For further details and an enlistment applications form:

Worthy Down
SO21 2RG

Tel: 01962 887598
Hants Lad PM sent.

You do not any longer require regular army experience for this unit, however as stated you must be either a serving police officer or ex regular RMP.
How did you get on with this Hants Lad?

I've got ten years TA service and six as a civvy copper and am thinking of making that move myself?

I was a PSI at the RMP Wing of CVHQ for just over 3 years and although there are cutbacks and the TA units that were there have since reduced in numbers and disbanded, there remains a small nucleus of personnel supportting the HQ ARRC. There is as has been mentioned the TA SIB side and to back up what has been said the 19 days a year you are supposed to 'serve' are split in to a 15 and 4 day camp, the 4 day camp usually being a MATT Camp, carrying out the old ITD stuff. Providing you completee these and attend the 2 week camp your bonus is guarenteed and you're on full pay in your rankl for the 19 days you attend.

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