RMP Specialisations not just cp/sib?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by bloodgroup_o+, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone could educate me on the job specialisations and intresting courses not offered elsewhere in the army, aside from CP and SIB detective. Im in the RAC and would like to transfer over. I only plan on doing another few years at the moment and would like to join civ police when I'm out so thought the RMP was a wise alternative. Thanks
  2. It won't do you any more good than if you were to join the police straight fom any other unit mate. As for areas of specialism, they are few and are encompassed within the two areas you have highlighted. The 'green' courses available to RMP are available to you where you are. If you are intent upon joining the old bill, start looking at your resettlement now and have a dig at preparing for the police entrance exams. That would be time better spent. If the OB is you're ultimate goal, don't waste your time transferring over. It doesn't put you any further up the pecking order for the cops. There are no courses that RMP do which will give you a head and shoulders start above the other candidates, old bill wise. It's a bit of an urban myth.

    To be honest, you may even find that your experiences in RMP will turn you off a career in the old bill.
  3. plenty of fat biffs seem to make a good living out of working in crime reduction all their careers....
    you can't really specialise in cp either, you do a tour then go back to your unit to a glittering homecoming parade and fanfare. unless you go to cpu as an instructor i suppose.

    being rmp offers no advantage when seeking a civpol career. they won't just scrap the stupid roleplays because someone used to be a monkey. you might make a decent army cop but then be set in your ways and make a crap civvie cop.
  4. cheers for the advice, I never thought of it like that
  5. what rank are you at the minute?
    if you're fullscrew or above, definitely sit your ground in the tankies.
  6. Now that you have been put off I will just say that there are other specialist courses/opportunities available. Mainly covert jobs. Your best bet would be to speak with your local RMP unit. Most CSMs/Pl SSgts would give you an intro brief before looking at an official attachment.

    As mentioned already once CP or SIB qualified there are many further courses available. In the SIB world most of these are home office recognised, which in no way would 'harm' your Civpol application.
  7. still a trooper, thats part of the drama with my regiment because i havent done ceremonial your lookin at 4/5 years until makin lcpl average and gettin any real challenge. I havent been put off at all, just trying to do some research before making any sort of leap in case the grass isn't greener.
  8. ah, you want to distance yourself from the officers at your unit....

    anyway, like vicmackey said, i forgot about the covert ops lot. and the weapons intelligence lot too now i come to think of it. the weapons lot are based in NI and are now deployable all over the world, not just NI. it's a good little job.
    don't get excited about the covert ops lot, they don't black up and play around with "them"... it's sold as a drugs-busting unit but from what i've seen of them, they spend more time stalking out schools in germany.
  9. Stay 'put off' mate if it's the Old Bill you are truly after. There' nothing in RMP which makes you an attractive package for the Old Bill, and if there was, it would take you a while to get it.

    If it's the RMP that you are after, by all means transfer over, you might just like it and stay. Many do. But don't believe any hype that it will help you get into the OB. It doesn't and any information to the contrary given here by serving RMP is mere wishful thinking.

    You are in the right place for the Met and you'll be given more opportunity to specialise there and at a very early stage in your police career. If that floats you boat, don't waste years by pursuing some urban myth.

    If you need anymore PM me.
  10. Met a lot of ex-RMP in the OB and most have said that the two jobs are quite different despite similar names.
  11. As VicMakey says as you advance into the world of GPD and SIB there are several Home Office quals that are desirable in Civvie Bill, in the SIB there are the Covert units; COT and others; as you are trained by Civil Forces there is plenty of opportunity to network. To the extent that it is not uncommon for Civpol to approach a COT NCO on completion of their posting.

    Within GPD, the intelligence role both as a Local Int Officer and Regional Int Officer analyist are both expensive Home Office courses and there is scope to develop, there are plenty of (criminal) intelligence courses out there and as they are run by West Yorks Police they offer contact with civvie bill.

    As far as CP is concerned good fun, awesome course, but become too fixated on this and you will probably not promote beyond Cpl, also as the nature of all CP units the world is quite insular, this may not be an advantage when applying for civvie bill.

    Talk to your local unit, the jobs are different, however the way that investigations are carried out isn't that different, and the law certainly isn't different (apart from a bit of Army Act (and AFA 2006) to learn). The situations you will face in GPD (esp in BFG) will stand you in good stead for the civvie bill.