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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by alex3409, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi, the reason I'm asking this on here rather than going to an AFCO or asking on the army's online service is because neither are open today, so I was wondering if anybody on here could help me. I'm interested in joining the Royal Military Police as a soldier. I've got the required grade in English (C or better, I have a B) but I didn't get the required Maths grade (I got an E, you need a C) so I was wondering if there's any chance I could substitute the maths grade for another of my grades (one of my A* or A grade subjects perhaps) in a different subject, such as a science, or is it strictly a C in maths and they'd consider nothing else? I know this sounds a bit ridiculous but I was wondering if anyone on here would know or be able to help, I don't want to go to an AFCO and end up looking like a complete wally with a question like this and waste their time before I've tried on here. Thank you.
  2. Thats why we have AFCOs - to answer questions such as this.

    Also didn't know people still used the term wally - takes me back to the 1980s.

    Also, if you don't like asking questions maybe the RMP is not for you.
  3. No I don't mean I don't like asking questions at the AFCO, what I meant was that I don't want to go there asking this and have them say something along the lines of "No that's a stupid question, you're wasting our time". I will go there and ask them, but I thought that with it being closed today, it'd be handy to ask on here so I knew what I could expect to be told at the afco.
  4. Thanks for the info (I've taken it to be a no for my question). I'm off to the AFCO next Friday to ask some questions so I'll find out for definite then, not that I'm expecting any chance of there being a yes to the question regarding maths! Won't give up 'till I've heard it from the AFCO.
  5. Put it this way; it's not uncommon for people to be let off if they have other qualifications, but it is done on a case by case basis; so go ask.
  6. don't worry too much, the recruiters are there to help, and even if it were a stupid question, which i dont think it is anyways, they wouldn't laugh in your face, because then they wouldnt be doing they job if they do... so go down there and ask questions no matter how stupid you might think it is.
  7. Alex,

    I'm going for RMP and i only have a D in maths, its worth asking the question when you get to the AFCO as acceptions can be made :)

    forgot to add that when i took the basic skills test i passed with a high mark (for some reason maybe i've got better at maths with age) they take the score you get from this into consideration too
  8. I just wish they wouldn't let illiterate people through the net, we do have to have some standards. Not being great at Maths is one thing, but a basic grasp of the English language is rather more important when most of our job is taken up with paperwork and reports.
  9. I'm sorry whosthedaddy is Exceptions better for you i may have had a slight mong moment :oops: