Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by The_Dragoon, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Did you serve in the the SIB ? Do you have opinions about Courts Martial procedure and pre-Courts Martial investigations. A Documentary production company is making a documentary about the subject and would like to get an insiders view of the system by speaking to members (past or present) of the SIB about their views. Please contact me by PM for details of the person (yes, he is a journo obviously).
  2. and I am sure that one will be a fair and unbiased journalistic endeavour.......<tired old laugh>
  3. Go through the proper channels instead of trying to get in the back door looking for dirt, that way you might get some real answers to your questions but you only likely to get mocked here with a question like that.
  4. Securit..........mock all you like, the request is totally genuine. And for your information, 3 ex-SIB blokes have been in touch with me and have now been introduced to the documentary makers. So, if you have anything constructive to say I'd be pleased to hear from you but, if all you have is negative drivvle with little or no impact, go back to your red-taped, imploded little world.........byeeeee
  5. Independent documentary film producers would nail their own ball bag to a wall for a nice wee spicy story. They just don't make progs about boring, bland issues. They make 'em controversial, otherwise they don't sell them to the big boys. As I said.....that will be a fair and unbiased account of a decidedly untopical issue!

    Gives me a good dose of the ring twitters just thinking about it. Shame on you for doing the devil's work, sir!
  6. Jonny956...............oh what a singular-minded, introvert world some people live in eh ? Its quite easy really, if the people who have volunteered to be part of the documentary get the feeling that its going in a way that they are not happy with then, lo and behold, they can always say no ! Pop your head outside, you'll find a real world out here !
  7. I was fitted up by the SIB once. Is he interested?
  8. That would be the same real world where the media quite blatenty twist what people say and have their own adjendas behind whats going on?

    If your having luck with your request then fair play, although I would have thought you would have been more likely to get resistance on here.
  9. Securit..............The documentary is based along the lines of how difficult it is for the Military Police / SIB to carry out investigations and bring cases to into the courts martial system, especially in wartime situations. I was neither a fan of the Military Plod or the SIB and in my younger days (yawn) and quite often found myself being questioned by both for various misdemeanours. But, eventually we all grow up. A friend and colleague is an investigative journalist and I am an ex-squaddie, its as simple as that, he asked me if it was possible to put some ex-RMP / SIB in touch with him with a view to them giving their side of the story. No conspiracies, no walts, no trolls, no oxygen theft........pretty straightforward actually. Are you an ex-RMP / SIB yourself, maybe you'd like to give your side of the story. If not, have the grace to let others do so if they wish without all this childish stabbing.
  10. TD,

    You only have to read previous posts to glean how much the "Corps" enjoys a bit of stabbing, normally "back stabbing" or self inlicted wounds.

    Good luck. :wink:
  11. rumrunner.....thanks for that. There will always be that element of people who can 'talk the talk'....securit and his like will never 'walk it' .....all they have to do is gob-off incognito and do nothing. Pushing pens and the like is obviously the way to go.
  12. There is no childish stabbing, I made a comment on a discussion board for everyone to see, you didnt like it, thats what the board are here for.

    Like I just said about, fair play if your getting what you wanted but I am surprised. Lets not blow this out of proportion.

    Anyway you obviously do approve of the so called childish stabbing...

  13. I agree with the comment dated Sun 16 Apr 2006. ......Guv'nor.
  14. Shat it you slaaaaggg!!
  15. Securit - I can understand you being a bit sceptical. The previous posts were my genuine thoughts on personal past experiences with the SIB. As for the documentary, thats a different thing completely and just to update you, I have had five past members of the RMP/SIB make contact so far who are interested in being involved. You are right though, lets not let it blow up out of proportion.

    Biscuits_AB - Thanks for your support !