RMP SIB National Unit?

Wondering if anyone can help assist me, I’m trying to go through the online army application but it is more painful than I remember.
Im an ex regular , few years in the Int Corps, and left to become a Detective in the Police. Thought about reserves but I already work every other weekend so it was put on hold.
Anyway I was told about the SIB RMP, which looks ideal, and it seemed I fit the bill for what they may be looking for.
Ive started to apply online however I’ve been told I can’t ask to join this unit as it’s not local to me so they won’t sponsor me.
I thought it was a national unit? Am I right in thinking I can apply directly to that rather than having to sign up to a local unit first? I’ve tried to contact SIB directly but every number gets no answer.
Any help would be much appreciated , I’ve put this question to assigned recruiter but I'm no clearer.
I would put money on being hopelessly out of date, but there used to be a small TA SIB sponsored unit (83 Section) composed entirely of civvy bill detectives. Being a sponsored unit they used to form up at RMP CVHQ at the back of Chi barracks.

They all seemed ancient and favoured smoking pipes. I've no idea what they did as their training commitment as a sponsored unit would have been very limited. I don't know whether such a unit still exists under AR.

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