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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by cidercountry, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys, I'm a newbie and was hoping for a bit of advice. I've applied to join the army with RMP as my first choice, and although I'll except the opportunity for 2nd/3rd choice, RMP is, if the truth be told, the only army career I'm really passionate about. I'm currently waiting on my dates for selection having done my BARB (78), and sent off my medical last week. My recruiter has suggested selection will hopefully be in January. Presuming I pass off ok, does anybody have an idea of when phase 1 for the RMP would commence? I understand RMP is a popular choice and I might have a wait on my hands, but any info people could give me would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Ok here goes. I am also going for RMP. I had selection at the beginning of this month at Pirbright and did everything well apart from when it came to the team tasks. Apparently I didn't speak up enough and got deferred for 3 months but atleast I passed the medical I guess :D . The reason I am telling you this is because you have to do really well on the team tasks specifically because RMP get their first stripe after training (as you should know) so you have to show more leadership potential than the other people on your selection who don't get their first stripe straight away e.g Infantry. "They don't just give you it"- I was told.

    So make sure you do well on those specifically but obv do well all round. As for starting basic, I was looking at around April if I had passed so yes it is quite a bit of a wait as they are heavily oversubscribed (apparently) but worth it from what I understand.

    How old are you? because that's sometimes a factor
  3. Thanks for the heads up tomjj, most appreciated. I'm 22, and have also been to Uni (although if that will give me any kudos with the selectors I dont know). I'm not trying to go in as an officer as RMP is the only army career I really want, and I don't think you can become an RMP officer until at least a year after Sandhurst. Plus I want to get in there and get my hands dirty, which is far more likely as an NCO. Best of luck with your next crack at selection, don't have a date for mine yet, all I know is that it's at Lichfield(?) think thats the right name!
  4. Why do you want to be hated
  5. Actually, every monkey is at least a lance corporal so in a very real sense, they do just give you it.

    To get a stripe as Infantry you'd need to do a PJNCO course which is not known for being pleasant. And as for Junior Brecon...
  6. Don't know mate, maybe I was dropped on my head as a child! :D Just know it's what I want I want to do. I'm not joining to be liked, I want the challenge.
  7. Iv'e never met a monky who wasn't up his own chuf, power crazy and a
    wonk. It was bad enough being on regimental provo.

    there where two Sergents RMP in Ireland that where almost human PXXX FXXXXX And RXXXX SXXXXXXXX but they where both helicopter pilots

    Edited by MOD - No real names.
  8. haha, maybe they spent so long in the air they got light headed and just forgot themselves for a while!
  9. yeh I was told its usually people from in their twenties that apply (I was 18 at the time, 19 now). Good luck with selection. Agree with the whole Officer v Soldier thing because I too have the choice to do either.
  10. Has PERSEC gone out the window for this thread?
  11. Clearly not thats why full names were not used!!! Unless you are good at games like Countdown etc then I think it is quite 'Sec'
  12. As this was THIRTY YEARS AGO I did not think persec mattered
  13. It's been that long since there was a decent RMP? Wow...........
  14. And we'd know it was 30 years ago... how? Or are they both dead?

    Tip - you'd not do very well in SIB.
  15. Full names were used by the original poster, after my post they changed it.I hoped that they would, which is why I changed the full names given by the original poster in my post. Do try to keep up.