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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jimbo80, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going through the application process for the Army, and my main job choice is RMP. I have a few questions about the selection process:

    1) Do you have to do the TST on ADSC for RMP, and if so, what is the score requirement?
    2) Do you have to complete a Security Clearance (SC) to join RMP?
    3) Is it true that you can't join the RMP without a full driving licence now?


  2. Hello
    1) No TST
    2) I've only done the Disclosure Scotland so far, but I think there is a more stringent check at Phase 1
    3) Not sure on this one....wasn't when I applied in Sept 09

    (My knowledge is based on my application.....RMP start date Oct 2010 Phase 1)

    Best plan is to get on to your recruiter, cheers ;)
  3. Yes you do have to be vetted, though as far as im aware a record is not a bar aslong as your honest about it.
    Not sure about the driving license but if its a basic requirement that will be stated on the Army Jobs website
  4. Thanks guys for the replies.

    To what level vetting do you go through, Jerrycan2793, and how confident are you ie. where did you find that out? I have no records, but have had financial difficulties in the past, which I understand can affect vetting.
  5. Vetting is the same as anyone else joining any other branch of the Army (Basic Check). If you don't already have a driving licence, then you will by the time you depart the palatial surroundings of Southwick Park, everyone is trained to at least B+E after police training and before posting.
  6. You're dammned right, I would advise you to be utterly honest, if you lie and are found out later there will be hell to pay.
  7. Hi Gregg. This is where the confusion comes in. The AFCO are only bothered about any financial problems in the present, which I have cleared and they are happy to put me through, but I've also been hearing from other Squaddies and ex-Squadies who have had to gain Security Clearance that any PAST financial difficulties can prevent an SC. The AFCO tell me to just sit it out and see what happens once in, which is good, because I have no idea what would happen with my trade choice if I failed to clear SC.

    Hence my question of whether it is a Security Clearance you need to join RMP, or if its just the standard vetting i.e. CRB, identity, etc. that way I would be much more comfortable with my trade choices. This is why I'd like to make it clear on what level of vetting is required for RMP?
  8. Its effectively a more in depth version of the CRB but it does delve slightly further than the average vetting you get when you first join the army, If you have any problems try speaking to the RMP recruiting bods RMP Recruitment - British Army Website
  9. Thats bollocks Im afraid, its all taken into account. If you've got a 50 grand debt and are struggling to pay it you will be a liability from a Security point of veiw. If you fail to acheive the minimum sy clearance for a trade you'll have to choose another, they wont take newbies on risk. I think a previous poster answered the question on RMP vetting although I must say I find it very suprising its just BC (well BPSS if you want to be ****!)
  10. Vetting officers are not fools. Nothing that you tell them will suprise them, and however weird or "erotic", they will have heard it before. Past financial problems are not a bar to current employment. But if you don't tell them everything, every little thing, then you will be in trouble. Bear in mind that you have to go through this every few years, can you remember what you said ten years ago, twenty? I can't remember what I said at breakfast. Tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, each time. You'll be fine.
  11. If your debt makes you a security risk then you wont be cleared and you wont get in. If however, your debt has been sorted by dint of hard work and going without then you appear to be the sort of self disciplined hard working individual that people want.

    If you went along the IVA route you at least sorted it out. The average household in Britain is something like 10K in debt - don't sweat it.

    As someone else said - be scrupulously honest (particularly as you are applying for RMP), to do otherwise invites criticism at best and getting booted at worst.
  12. The main thing with SC and CTC clearance forms is that you are honest. If you have had problems in the past put them down as when they do the checks it will all come out. Integrity from the start goes a long way.